Buy Fashionable Fabric Ballets Course

In this shoe making course you will learn how to make your own ballets from fabric. You’ll use this useful knowledge of working with different materials to make any other shoe type .


This are professional shoe making courses that will give you all the necessary skills and knowledge to create fashionable flat shoes from start to finish.
All lessons are presented in live class format. They are verbally and visually explained and are easy to follow.


What you will learn here:

Design of flats with toe cap and counter design elements
Full pattern making of flat shoes
How to work with fabrics in shoe making
How to work with ready made heels
Sole making
Creation of elegant shoe sole design
Construction of fashionable  sock lining


This shoemaking courses consist of 10 shoemaking lessons.

Lesson length: 45-120 minutes


Extra Courses:
To learn how to make Fashionable Fabric Ballets I included additional 5 construction courses with this basic course. Construction courses will help your progress in shoe making and will upgrade your skills.

1. Last Measurements & Basic Pattern   (Read full description)

2. Change Your Last Form   (Read full description)

3. How to Make Heels Course    (Read full description)

4. Creating Alternative Bespoke Outsole Course     (Read full description)

5. Creating Handmade Midsole Course      (Read full description)

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