How to make shoes at your own pace with online videos

I proud to give the opportunity to learn shoemaking to anyone from any place in the world.  We leave in the online world and if you can learn science, technology and everything else from online videos, you can learn to make shoes.

Here on this page I placed my best Free shoemaking videos to give you an idea of how to make shoes, shoemaking tips, shoemaking solutions and shoemaking tutorials.  


2 Most Important parameters of shoe lasts that you need to know

To make your shoes, first thing you must have is a shoe lasts. In this video, you'll discover what parameters you must know on your lasts to customize it according to your mesurments. 


Simple Method How to Measure Your Feet Easy & Fast

In this video I will explain the basic and more simple way to find correct foot measurement. This will help you to order the right last. Remember, that the shoe last that you need not necessarily match the shoe size that you wear.


What you need to start your shoe making education

There are many useful tools that you can have making your shoes, but you really need those to get started and make the shoes that you want to make.


How to make correct pattern from the first time

Each model type and last, has their points and lines on which these models are built, and by following them you guarantee yourself initially correct execution of a model. 


Free Downloads 

Check out these links, for my free guides for beginenrs

25 Tools & materials you need to get started in shoemaking

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3 Steps To Begin Your Shoe Pattern Like a Pro

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