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Footwear Design Course: 10 crucial points in design and 3 new methods of freehand technique 013

  • In this lesson I’ll show you very useful method, how to permanently place 10 crucial points design on your last to help you design according to the rules and not to worry again of making a mistake with your design calculations. Today I have very intensive, two hours  lesson for you, as we will learn 3 new methods of freehand design.
    1.  Collars- constructing shoes with volume , without difficult calculations.

    2. Free folds – Technique of creating fixed folds in any place of your shoe design in less than 10 minutes.

    3.  Third method is “Chaos assembling of parts”, where on example of vamp with folds (part of “free folds” )you design your shoes right away on the last.

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