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Footwear design course: Adjust your court shoes to any design 005

  • In previous lessons on court shoes design and sandals design you learned all anatomical lines (the red lines), which you must to consider in creating of any footwear design, sorry let me rephrase it, you must see those lines as rules for your footwear design.
    In this lesson you will begin to learn the most important thing in footwear design: how to use those red lines to design each type of shoes, which exist in footwear (see the footwear map from lesson 2). When we will finish those lesson series you will know which one from those anatomical lines you must consider when you design your shoes. So in this video lesson we start to practice our designs,  adjusting  court shoe subtypes : “Mary-jane  shoes”, “T-strap pumps”, “Chanel  shoes”, “D’orsey shoe” and their  variety of designs. Using this tactics you can combine many designs to create your unique shoes, read more about it here:

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