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Footwear design course: Full collection with just one last and how to manipulate rules of construction 014

  • 3 Footwear Design Techniques  

    Last and final lesson in this footwear design course. In this lesson you will learn another three methods of Freehand pattern design to upgrade and sharpen your skills.  We will examine how to implement  freehand pattern technique into creating complete design product,  and how this solution will help you when you just don’t have quality materials to use.
    We also learn how to use “Elastic manipulation” method into your designs and how you can create entire collection  using this methods just with one last.
    Last method of this series that I will teach you  is “Boot modification”, which can definitely combine every method that we already learned but also, will upgrade your footwear design as you will learn how to change your boot form in easy and fast way.


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