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High boot course: Think few steps ahead to prevent mistakes 010

  • In today lesson, just before we will last our high boot we are making some preparations and corrections. I will show you how to correct the pattern of boot and how important it is to do so.
    As we will prepare our toe puffs and counters before lasting, in this lesson I want to focus on thinking few steps ahead.
    Attaching of insole is a final step in a process but in making high boots such an easy process can be very difficult and will open the door for many mistakes.  That’s why  In this lesson I want to show you how you can prepare yourself, working on your high boots, to make this step much easier.
    Please, don’t work hard, work smart!
    Instruments and materials used in this lesson

    1. Cardboard
    2. Utility knife
    3. Leather of lining
    4. Contact glue for leather


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