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Last Measurements and Basic pattern

  • How to measure your last?

    Making shoes is very grand and multi stage process . To make it easy for you in our first lesson we will learn correct parameters and measurements of the last and will create a basic pattern of our last .

    The lesson includes downloadable table of all important shoe last’s measurements for each women size. It will give you first necessary information about correct last measurements to make your first pair of shoes correct from the first time.
    After you will gain this knowledge, it will be easier for you to make basic pattern of your last.
    Basic pattern is the starting point in the shoe pattern making and it will give you the first glimpse of the pattern making that will help you to understand this process.

    In the future steps with the help of basic pattern you will be able to make any basic pattern for all types of shoes.
    In the lesson you will learn how to make basic pattern using adhesive tape and you will learn how to cut easily the cardboard to make precise and correct pattern.

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