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How to make moccasins: Moccasin shoes design 03

  • How to make moccasins: Moccasin shoes design- 03

    In the previous shoemaking lesson we constructed on the shoe last necessary structure to apply correctly moccasin shoes design.  Now in this shoe making class I will teach you, how to use this structure and make moccasin shoes design on the shoe last. You will learn special characteristics of moccasin shoes design, especially how to design correctly the tongue  and opening of moccasins. I will show you how to make moccasin design on the lasts of moccasins and on usual pump last. You will learn the difference between those two shoe last and applying of moccasin shoes design. It will help you to adjust it to your own moccasin shoe design,when you will make your own shoes.  


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