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How to make moccasins: Second step of Moccasin pattern making 05

  • Second step of Moccasin pattern making

    Moccasin pattern making is a long process, because you need to transfer 3 parts of your moccasin pattern to two pieces: one cut insole-quarters part and tonge part.
    In the previous shoe making lesson you created those 3 parts of moccasin and in this shoe making class  you will work only on the outer and inner parts of moccasin and this is second step of moccasin pattern making.
    In this shoe making lesson you will learn second step of moccasin pattern: how to create identical look of those two sides of your moccasin to make them perfect. Although in this second step of moccasin pattern making  you will make few small corrections, they are very important, because  the total look of finished pair of your moccasins depend on it.


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