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Third step of Moccasin pattern making 06

  • How to make Moccasins 06

    In this shoe making lesson you will learn third step of moccasin pattern making ,where you will make  one cut pattern of the moccasin  tongue and two sides of moccasin pattern. You will learn how to unify outer side and inner side of the tongue pattern from the two parts of moccasin basic pattern, that we made in the previous shoe making lesson. It is one of the best shoe pattern making technique to transfer curved vamp line of the two moccasin tongue parts to flat ,one cut tongue pattern. According to this shoe making technique in this third step of moccasin pattern making you will make precise one cut tongue pattern of moccasin that will guarantee you perfect fitting of the moccasin upper on the last in our future steps of moccasin making.  This third step of moccasin pattern making is the last step before you will unify two sides of the moccasin pattern with the bottom part of moccasin to make original moccasin pattern.  


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