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Students Success Stories

Make The Shoes You Really want to make

There are 23 shoemaking courses, 18 footwear models that you can create following my shoemaking courses, but there is much more than that....

My focus is to give you the tools and skills to create any footwear, to work on your own creating variety of shoe designs and styles  

New Loafers Course, Dr.Martens Boots Course & Barefoot Shoes Courses are included in the 1 Year Shoemaking Program.

Philip is my student and a cobbler. He is working with shoes for 40 years but never made a pair until recently.  After couple of months and after finishing the basic footwear courses, Philip made his first English Welted Oxford Shoes. 

shoemaking student shoes
shoemaking student shoes
shoemaking student shoes
Philippe students review

They learned the rules & now making their own shoes

Steady progress, following the program, learning different shoe making techniques, gives you the freedom in creating footwear. 
When you graduate my program you will have enough skills and knowledge to create almost any footwear design, to create the shoe that you really like.

In my Footwear Design Workshop, I will teach you how to combine different models and achieve best results in making your own designs.

Konstantin Success is Freedom in your craft

Konstantin took my full 1-year program and learned all the classic types, from simple ballets to English welted shoes. 

After finishing the program and taking my footwear design course, Konstantin is in the creative process of making Any type of shoes he wants. 

Just take a look at his first English Welted Shoes he made and right after the "Monk"shoes he made on his own. When I am talking about freedom I am talking about that. You learn the basics, get the knowledge and get the freedom to create any shoes,  and that is what he did.

shoemaking student shoes
shoemaking student shoes
shoemaking student shoes
student making shoes
student making shoes
student making shoes

During my Footwear Design Workshop  you will gain the necessary knowledge and tools to understand and create footwear design. 

- Learn The Entire Footwear Map: matrix system you will be able to design &  create any type of shoes
- Rules of Construction
- How to create correct design for future production
- Learn 10 critical points on your last
- How to transfer your design from sketch to the last correctly
- Learn what are anatomical lines and how to work with them
- How to upgrade any design

Learn Freehand Pattern Technique

- Design shoes without any calculation
- Easy to learn tools to simplify design process
- How to create 3D elements in footwear
- Fast and precise footwear design
- Footwear sculptural integration
- How to make full collection with just one last
 - Learn to design right on the last ( No drawing )

Marcia Brown laucnhed her own succeseful sneakers busness follwoing my 1-year shoemaking program.
See the full interview with Marcia here:
Shoemaking Courses Success! From Zero-Knowledge to Making Shoes Professionally



Student shoes Kristin

You always have a source that you can go to, to check a technique, to solve a problem or get a fresh idea. I am very proud of my students and footwear they create on my courses and the footwear they continue to make after my courses.

Learn The Craft & Make The Shoes Your Want To Make