Advanced Module

Ankle Boot Course

13 Lessons Advanced

About this course

This ankle boot course is created for women ankle boots but its pattern construction is exactly the same for men and women ankle boots design. Men, interested in this course are welcome to join, just working with a men boot last.
In this shoe making course we will make very popular ankle boot style, ankle boots with elastic bands on the sides.

You will learn here one of the most interesting pattern constructions of the ankle boot and will make your ankle boots from the scratch to the finished pair.

This course is very special among other shoemaking courses on this online platform because only in this Ankle boot course you will learn:

      * How to create unique shoe sole finish. You will learn how to dye only specific places on
           your shoe sole, to make the clean and professional job.

      * How to create decorative handmade stitches on the front of your shoe sole, to make an authentic look at your boots.

This shoemaking course consists of 8 lessons with the length of 40-60 min.

All lessons are presented in live class format. They are verbally and visually explained and are easy to follow.

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