This shoemaking courses program includes step by step guide for you to follow to get the best educational experience.   


Shoe making  training Month 001

Week 001

Introduction – “Last Measurements and Basic pattern” – Here you will learn how to construct your first basic pattern and must know last measurements.

Ballerina flat shoes course – Here you will learn how to create beautiful classic ballet shoes. From constructing of pattern to finished pair of shoes. It consists of 8 lessons (length: 40-90 min each):

Ballerina Lesson 1/2 :  Constructing ballerina shoes 01/02

Ballerina Lesson 3 :   Testing leather pattern or must do operation to avoid future mistakes- Ballerina 003

Week 002 

Creating handmade midsole course – to construct any type of shoes you need to construct midsoles. In this  video course you will learn how to create midsole and different midsole covers for fashionable shoes (length: 40- 60 min each):

Midsole Lesson 1:  Creating factory quality midsole: part 1

Midsole Lesson 2:  Most popular midsole covers and comfortable midsole for elegant shoes: part 2

Ballerina Lesson 4:  Lasting your first pair? What do you do first? Ballerina 004

Week 003

Ballerina Lesson 5 :   Ballerina shoes: Cutting/Sewing/Closing -05

Ballerina Lesson 6 :   Ballerina shoes: Lasting -006

Bespoke outsole course – In this course you will learn alternative method to construct outsoles to any type of shoes (length: 40- 60 min each):

Lesson 1: Creating alternative shoe outsole: building foundation part 1

Week 004

Lesson 2:    Creating alternative shoe outsole: beautiful outsole for beautiful shoes- part 2

Lesson 7 :   Ballerina shoes: Patience! We are making heels- 007

Lesson 8 :   Your first ballerina shoes- 008


Shoe making  training Month 002

Week 005

Change your last form – / Exclusive to shoemaking courses online/ This unique course will be a great addition to your shoemaker skills. In this video course I will teach you how you can  change the shape of your lasts. (length: 40- 60 min each):

Last Lesson 1 : Two reversible ways to change your last form: part 1

Last Lesson 2:  Changing your last with veg tan leather: part 2


Making heels course – In addition to classic method of heels constructing that you learned in ballerina course,  here is another shoe making video course that will teach you how to create heels in any shape (length: 40- 60 min each):

Heels Lesson 1: Constructing heels as you want- part 1

Week 006

Heels Lesson 2: Heels in any shape – Part 2

High heel pump shoes course – This online video course consist of 14 lessons and here you will learn the whole process, how to construct the pumps shoes pattern in different ways, simple way of outsole construction, lasting, sewing and making modern fashionable high heel pump shoes. (length: 40- 60 min each):

Lesson 1: High heel pump shoes: constructing of basic pattern- 001

Lesson 2: Check your pumps basic pattern-002


Week 007

Lesson 3: Full pumps pattern construction: Upper /Lining /Stiffeners -003

Lesson 4: Change your high heel pattern to one cut pattern- pumps 004

Lesson 5: Alternative Ways of Lining Pattern Construction – pumps 005

Week 008

Lesson 6: Assembling and Sewing of High Heel Pump Pattern – 006

Lesson 7: Lasting Pump Shoes – 007

Lesson 8: Pump shoes: correct the pattern and prepare the bottom- 008




Shoe making training Month 003

Week 009

Lesson 9: Pump shoes course: creating welted like outsole- 009

Lesson 10: High heel pump shoes course: Smart heel construction 010

Lesson 11: High heel pump shoes: Making fashionable high heel 011

Week 010

Lesson 12: High heel pump shoes: Creative changes to upgrade your shoe design- 012

Lesson 13: High heel pump shoes: Best way to upgrade your outsole 013

Lesson 14:High heel pump shoes course: Your finished high heel pump shoes 014


Week 011

Oxford women shoes course – consist of 14 lessons, In this shoemaking course you will begin from the classic oxford pattern construction to the finished pair of shoes, and most fashionable types of oxford women pattern construction as well.  (length: 40- 60 min each):

Lesson 1: Women Oxford Shoes: Drawing on the last 001

Lesson 2: Women Oxford shoes: Constructing of Basic Pattern 002

Lesson 3: Oxford Women Shoes: Upper Pattern Construction 003

Week 012

Lesson 4: Oxford Women Shoes: Lining Pattern Construction 004

Lesson 5: Oxford Women Shoes: Cutting/Assembling/Sewing -005

Lesson 6: Oxford Women Shoes: How to reinforce your shoe quarters-006



Shoe making training Month 004

Week 013

Lesson 7: Oxford Women Shoes: Lasting Lady oxford shoes -oo7

Lesson 8: Oxford Shoe Making Course: Make it like a pro: Prepare the last bottom- 008

Lesson 9:  Oxford shoes: Shoe making approach to create wedge heel 009


Week 014

Lesson 10: Oxford shoes: Making leather wedge heel 010

Lesson 11: Oxford shoes: Shoe making technique to create match heels 11

Lesson 12: Oxford women shoes: Finishing is important stage in shoe making 12

Week 015

Lesson 13:  Oxford course: How to make shoes sole for wedge heel 13

Lesson 14: Oxford shoes: Shoe sole finishing 14

Lesson 15: Oxford women shoes:Full online shoe making course 15

Fashionable ballet flat shoes from fabric course : – Here you will learn how to create beautiful  ballet shoes from fabric. You will learn how to adjust your existing pattern, working with different materials, combinations and new solutions. From constructing of pattern to lasted pair of shoes. This course consists of 7 lessons (length: 40-90 min each):

Lesson 1: Fashionable Ballet Flat Shoes From Fabric Course: How to adjust your existing pattern to the new one- 001

Week 016

Lesson 2: Fashionable ballet flat shoes from fabric course : Upper pattern construction 002

Lesson 3: Fashionable ballet flat shoes from fabric course: Lining pattern construction and how to reinforce your upper- 003

Lesson 4: Fashionable ballet flat shoes from fabric course : Cutting/Assembling/Sewing – 004

Shoe making training Month 005


Week 017

Lesson 5: Fashionable ballet flat shoes from fabric course : Lasting – 005

Lesson 6: Fashionable ballet flat shoes from fabric course : Correct the pattern and building foundation- 006

Lesson 7: Fashionable fabric ballet shoes: Creating perfectly smooth outsole and handmade tool to shine it


Week 018

Lesson 8: Fashionable fabric ballet shoes: Adjusting your ready made heel – 008

Lesson 9: Fashionable fabric ballet shoes: Bespoke outsole- 009

          Lesson 10: Fashionable fabric ballet shoes: Make shoes as a complete product 010

High women boot course – This shoe making video course consists of 12 lessons and begins from pattern constructing to the finished pair of high boots. (length: 40- 60 min each):

Lesson 1: High boots course: We start with the basic pattern -001


Week 019

Lesson 2: High boot course: High boot pattern -002

Lesson 3: High boot course: Boots from almost any last -003

Lesson 4: High boot course: Double check your design with control pattern -004


Week 020

Lesson 5: High boot course: Upper pattern making of a boot -005

Lesson 6: High boot course: Lining pattern making of boot -006

Lesson 7: High boot course: Smart pattern making and how to consume less leather -007





Shoe making training Month 006



Week 021

Lesson 8: High boot course : Cutting and closing the upper- 008

      Lesson 9: High boot course: Final assembling and sewing of upper and lining- 009

      Lesson 10:High boot course: Think few steps ahead to prevent mistakes – 010 

Week 022

       Lesson 11:High Boot Course: Lasting the boot- 011 

       Lesson 12:High boot course:Good foundation for good outsole-012 

       Lesson 13:High boot course: Creating under heel outsole 013 

Week 023

       Lesson 14: High boot course: Handmade High  Boot 014  


Ankle women boot course –  Course consists of 10 lessons, where you will learn several most fashionable ankle boot pattern constructions, assembling, heel, outsole. In the end of this course you will have a beautiful pair of elegant  ankle boots . (length: 40- 60 min each):

Lesson 1: Ankle boot course: Vol.1 Elastic Boots 001

Lesson 2: Ankle Boot Course: Vol.2 Elastic Boots -Cutting and assembling

Week 024

Lesson 3: Ankle Boot Course: Vol.3 Elastic Boots: Preparation for complex pattern lasting

Lesson 4: Ankle Boot Course: Vol.4 Elastic Boots: Lasting

Lesson 5: Ankle Boot Course: Vol.5 Elastic Boots: Prepare the boot cork bottom


Week 025

Lesson 6: Ankle boot course Vol.6 Elastic Boots: How to create unique outsole with decorative handmade stitches.

Lesson 7: Ankle boot course Vol.7 Elastic Boots: Finish to the outsole and creating decorative stitches

Shoe making training Month 007



Week 026

Lesson 8: Ankle boot course Vol.8 Elastic Boots: Handmade elastic ankle boot

Unisex sandals course – This sandal making course, consists of 15 lessons and includes pattern constructions of different sandals styles and different ways of outsole making as well as heels constructions. 

Lesson 1:Unisex sandal course: Prepare the basic pattern and make your sandal – 001

Lesson 2:Unisex sandal course: Design your first asymmetrical sandal on the last- 002

Lesson 3:Unisex sandal course: Use this Exclusive pattern construction method and avoid many mistakes 003

Lesson 4: Unisex sandal course:Checking the basic pattern 004

Lesson 5: Unisex sandal course: Corrections to the basic pattern 05

Lesson 6: Unisex sandal: Easy shoe making process of upper pattern 006

Lesson 7: Unisex sandal course: Lining pattern is a guide for upper assembling 007

Lesson 8: Unisex sandal: Cutting,Assembling,Sewing 08

Lesson 9: Making sandals insoles: Unisex sandal course-09

Lesson 10: Lasting Unisex Sandal 10

New Lessons in the making…..


Slingback Pump shoes – In this shoe making courses you will learn how to make the pattern for the very fashionable slingback pumps, how to assemble, sew, last and and finish this model. It consists of 8 lessons (length: 40-90 min each)


Lesson 1 : Slingback pumps course: How to design a slingback pumps on the last- 001

Lesson 2 : Slingback pump:Basic pattern is a key for good shoe making-002

Lesson 3 : Sling back pumps: Shoe making tweaks 003

Lesson 4 : Slingback pumps: Shoe making skills and shoe design- 004

Lesson 5: Slingback pumps: Upper and lining pattern making-005

Lesson 6: Slingback pump shoes: Elegant lining pattern making 006

Lesson 7: Slingback pumps: Cutting,Assembling,Sewing 07

Lesson 8: Slingback pumps:Preparations before lasting shoes 08

Lesson 9: Slingback pumps: Lasting the shoe upper 09

Lesson 10: Cork your shoes: Slingback pump shoes course 10

Lesson 11: How to make shoe heel cover: Slingback pumps shoes course 11

New lessons in the making


Upcoming courses

Moccasin women shoes course – It divided on 14 lessons and at the end of this course you will have your own moccasin pair of shoes. (coming soon)

Derby women shoes course – This online course consists of 13 lessons and you will learn here the whole process from constructing derby pattern to finished pair of shoes. (coming soon)

Peep toe shoes course (coming soon)

Mary  Jane shoes course (coming soon)

D’orsay shoes course (coming soon)

T-strap pump shoes (coming soon)

Penny Loafer women shoes course. (coming soon)


This program is not fixed and it is not finished, it includes courses for the next 6 months . It is constantly updated with new shoe making  courses, so stay tuned for our updates.