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Introduction to 1-Year Pro Shoemaking Program

This program offers a comprehensive journey through our 1-Year Pro Shoemaking Program, covering all courses with over 500 hours of step-by-step instructional videos. Create your own learning schedule while enjoying dedicated support from experienced instructors and a vibrant community.
This professional curriculum, ranging from basic to advanced levels, is carefully crafted to empower you to create your own shoes for yourself, your family, or even a business.

Making welted shoes

What You Will Learn

In these professional shoemaking courses, grasp all essential techniques: designing on shoe lasts, pattern making, sewing, assembling, cutting, lasting techniques, sole making, heel making, and insole making. Learn how to craft shoes like a pro shoemaker using simple tools and materials.

22 Shoemaking Courses

In this 1-Year Shoemaking program, engage in a diverse range of lessons encompassing 17 different footwear types alongside 5 essential construction courses. Plus, any upcoming courses launched during your membership period will be accessible to you, ensuring a continuous learning experience.

Two Weeks Recap & Review

Your learning journey is fully supported! Weekly progress uploads allow for personalized guidance and corrections on your work. Feel free to upload questions, images, or video files of your work to foster a collaborative learning environment.

Watch & Download all Shoemaking Courses

Enjoy the flexibility to either watch courses online or download them to your computer, allowing you to learn at your own pace, anytime, anywhere. With 500 hours of step-by-step video lessons, your mastery in shoemaking is within reach.

Private Shoemaking Mastermind Group

Engage with a community that shares your passion. Gain exclusive access to a private Facebook group connecting you with other students and professional shoemakers. Discuss coursework, exchange ideas, and grow together in the ShoemakerPro program.

Choose Your Program

Select the program that suits your goals and budget. Below are the two tailored programs we offer for a comprehensive shoemaking learning experience.

1. ShoemakerPro Program

The ShoemakerPro Program is our most extensive package, covering every aspect of shoemaking. With a wide range of courses and personalized feedback, it's designed for a thorough, hands-on learning experience from basic to advanced techniques. It includes some extra features which make it the best shoemaking program in the world.

Duration: 14 months (including 2 bonus months)
Price€1597 or 3 installments of €580

22 Shoemaking Courses & Upcoming Additions
New Loafers Courses Included
New Dr.Martens Style Boots Course Included


2 Weeks Recap & Review
Watch & Download Course Accessibility
Private Shoemaking Mastermind Group
Members ONLY Webinars
Footwear Design Workshop
Shoemaking Tools & Materials (Shipping Included)

2. Apprentice Program

The Apprentice Program provides a comprehensive shoemaking curriculum with a supportive learning environment, ideal for beginners and for those experienced in the shoemaking craft.

Duration: 12 months
Price: €1287 or 3 installments of €478

22 Shoemaking Courses & Upcoming Additions
New Loafers Courses Included
New Dr.Martens Style Boots Course Included


2 Weeks Recap & Review
Watch & Download Course Accessibility
Private Shoemaking Mastermind Group
Members ONLY Webinars

New Upcoming Courses [Included in the program]

These 2 courses will be open to our members in January and February. Members of 1-year shoemaking program get access with no extra fee.

New Barefoot Shoes Course
Launch in January 2024

New Kids- T bar shoes Course

Launch later this year

Kids shoes for upcoming course

ShoemakerPro Program Bonuses

Exclusive Members-Only Webinars

Gain access to exclusive webinars tailored for each shoemaking course. These sessions enrich your learning with additional tips, knowledge, and techniques essential for crafting your shoes. Utilize this platform to ask questions and stay updated on all course enhancements.
(Value: €499)

Footwear Design Workshop - "Knowledge, Technique, Freedom"

Master the skills to craft any type of footwear. This workshop covers:

Construction rules ensure design accuracy for future production.
Transferring designs from sketch to last with precision.
Understanding anatomical lines and effectively working with them.
Upgrading designs for enhanced aesthetics and functionality.
Simplifying the design process with easy-to-learn tools.
Crafting 3D elements in footwear, and much more.
(Value: €257)

Complete Shoemaking Tools & Materials Kit

Kickstart your shoemaking journey right away with a full kit of essential shoemaking tools and materials.
(Value: €393)


Shoemaker's Hammer [ 420 gr]


Reinforcement tape [15mm]

Top line reinforcement tape

Reinforcement tape [4mm]


Pump last- rounded/Pointed toe

cork plate

Cork sheet [ 25*33 cm ] – 2 pieces


Shoemaker's pincers  [ size 10] 

Texon board [ 25*33 cm ] – 4 pieces

Shoemaker's knife -Curved


Shoemaker's tape


Long nails for shoe lasting [200 gr]


Short nails for shoe lasting [100gr]


Non woven chemical sheets [ 25*33 cm ]  


Polyester Thread [White]


Shoemaker's rasp [ 4- side ]


Shank board [ 25*33 cm ] – 2 pieces

steel-shank for shoemaking

Steel shank- 8 pieces=4 pairs

Silver pen for shoemaking

Silver pen for shoemaking

Course Modules

The updated 1-year Full Shoemaking Program provides a step-by-step guide on crafting a variety of shoes, ranging from basic to advanced and complicated footwear types. The program is organized into 3 Modules, each designed to offer a hands-on learning experience. As you progress through these modules, you'll gain practical insights and gradually build your skills in shoemaking techniques, ensuring a well-rounded understanding.  

Module 01: Beginner

Begin your shoemaking education by mastering all aspects of the shoe last, which will be the foundation for creating all your footwear. You'll delve into basic construction techniques through projects like Flat Ballets and Pump variations, transitioning from pattern-making to crafting a finished pair of shoes.

This module equips you with essential footwear construction techniques to craft your shoes; it covers heel-making, sole-making, and more.


Price: €127
1 Courses
Length: 2 Hours

Ballet Flat Shoes Course

Ballet flat shoes course

Price: €160
8 Lessons
Length: 12 Hours

Fashionable Fabric flat ballet shoes

Price: €160
10 Lessons
Length: 12 Hours

Sling back Pump Shoes Course

Price: €187
15 Lessons
Length: 15 Hours

High heel Pumps-shoes-course

Price: €167
14 Lessons
Length: 16 Hours

Change Your Last Form

Price: €127
1 Courses
Length: 3.5 Hours

pair of loafers

Price: €287
20 Lessons
Length: 23 Hours

Dr.martens boot

Price: €457
19 Lessons
Length: 21 Hours

Creating Handmade Midsole

Price: €127
1 Courses
Length: 2 Hours

How to Make Heels Course

Price: €127
1 Courses
Length: 3 Hours

Creating Alternative Bespoke Outsole Course

Price: €127
1 Courses
Length: 3 Hours

Module 02: Intermediate

• In this module, you'll advance to more complex techniques, building upon the foundational footwear constructions learned previously.
• Explore hand-sewn techniques and delve into intricate pattern making to elevate your designs.
• Discover how to customize your shoe last to better fit your design vision.
• Engage in a detailed process, transitioning from design on the last to crafting a finished pair of shoes.


Price: €207
15 Lessons
Length: 16 Hours

One cut Oxford Shoes Course

Price: €197
13 Lessons
Length: 13 Hours


Price: €457
29 Lessons
Length: 31 Hours

T-strap process of making

Price: €207
21 Lessons
Length: 23 Hours

Price: €207
26 Lessons
Length: 26 Hours

A skill that allows me to possibly work for myself

Absolutely YES! I would recommend shoemaking course online because you are a very talented instructor who is able to deliver clear instruction to the on-line learning platform...Freedom! learning a craft, an art form, a skill that allows me to possibly work for myself.

Lynn Schofield

Module 03: Advanced

• With the knowledge and skills acquired from previous modules, you are now prepared to tackle more challenging footwear constructions. 

• The advanced shoemaking skills you've honed will enable you to craft various footwear types professionally. 

• Dive into crafting high boots, ankle boots, moccasins, welted shoes, and loafers, applying your advanced skills to create well-constructed and aesthetically pleasing footwear.

High Women Boot

Price: €190
14 Lessons
Length: 16 Hours

ankle boots made by hand

Price: €187
8 Lessons
Length: 10 Hours

Moccasin Shoes Course

Price: €237
31 Lessons
Length: 33 Hours


Price: €187
13 Lessons
Length: 13 Hours

english welted shoes course

Price: €457
25 Lessons
Length: 23 Hours


Price: €357
20 Lessons
Length: 25 Hours

Teaching You Shoemaking - Sveta Kletina

Shoemaker, Footwear Designer, Entrepreneur, Educator and Artist.

Over the last decade, I have been teaching individuals from across the globe the art of shoemaking online. With more than 3000 graduates from my shoemaking program, I possess a fine-tuned understanding of guiding you from a total novice to crafting your own shoes in a highly professional manner.


Benefits of the Program

Why is Shoemaking Courses Online the Premier and Most Dedicated Program Globally?

Ever-Accessible Shoemaking Resource

Shoemaking is a nuanced process with many details to grasp. With Shoemaking Courses Online, you gain a perpetual resource as all materials are downloadable. Revisit, watch, learn, and refine your craft anytime you wish.

Learn & Work At Your Own Pace

Flexible learning schedule! Tailor your learning hours around your personal and professional commitments, ensuring a balanced and successful learning journey.

Dedicated Support

  • You're never alone on this educational voyage. I'm here to assist you throughout. While my lessons are detailed, your questions are encouraged to enhance understanding.
  • Send inquiries, process images, or videos to deepen your grasp.
  • Every 2 weeks, I'll review your progress, addressing what's working and what needs tweaking.
  • Attend members-only webinars monthly, broadening your understanding of specific program models.
  • Engage in our exclusive Facebook group to share queries, experiences, and progress with fellow members.

Craft Any Footwear

Across 22 shoemaking courses, learn to construct various classic footwear types for both men and women. The Footwear Design Workshop empowers you to meld different footwear styles, fostering your ability to create unique designs and constructions.

Grasp the Process & Acquire the Skills

It's not merely about following along; it's about understanding the 'why' behind each procedure.
The core aim is to equip you with the skills and knowledge to independently craft footwear.

Progress From Beginner To Pro

Catering to beginners, the courses commence with fundamentals like foot anatomy and pattern-making, using simple tools. The curriculum is structured for steady progression from basic to complex footwear constructions, ensuring continuous advancement in your shoemaking journey.

From Home to High Craftsmanship: Student Showcase

My students craft shoes from the comfort of their homes, yet with the support of this dedicated program, they achieve a high level of craftsmanship. Their testimonials and creations, showcased below, reflect the quality of education provided. For a broader view, visit our [Student Works Page]

shoes of student

From simple Ballets
to Hand Sewn Welted shoes

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Get answers to common questions prospective students have before enrolling, ensuring you have all the information you need to make an informed decision.

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Q: What's the difference between the ShoemakerPro and Apprentice programs in terms of content and support?