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What is the right shoe last type to start making your shoes? Image of last in the middle and around many shoe types In the previous post about shoe lasts I talked with you; about shoe lasts types. I explained you that we have many different shoe last types to work with. If you missed this post check it here: https://www.shoemakingcoursesonline.com/shoe-last-types/ To not repeat what I already explained in the previous post l want to remind you only the main thought from this post: To make certain shoe type you need to have its own shoe last. From this understanding you may make a logical conclusion that to make variety of footwear types, like boots,sandals,pumps etc, you need to have all this shoe lasts types. Yes, in some sense, it is correct, but there is a way how you can overcome it and in this post I will show you how. I will explain you, what is the right shoe last type you need to get started making your shoes and make not only one shoe type, but variety of shoe types. So what is “right” shoe last type ? The right shoe last type you need to get started making your shoes is pump last. Pic of pump last Now let's see what shoe types you can make using the pumps last and why. Court Shoes First of all you can make all court shoes on the pump last. You can do it, because all court shoes like pump shoes (that is also one of the court shoe types) have a low throat line and can be constructed on the pump last. I explain how to construct it correctly using pump last in my footwear design course Footwear Design Course Knowledge -Technique – Freedom . This is one of the main ideas of this course, how to use your knowledge and create many different shoe types. So you can make those 6 different shoe types (court shoes) using pump last: 1. Pumps itself 2. Marry-Jane pumps 3. T-strap pumps 4. Sling back pumps 5. D’orsey pumps 6. Loafers Pic of those types Shoes With Fastening and Laces Second group of shoe types that you can make using pump last are shoes with laces. I want to explain you why we can do it. The pump last have narrow instep, to keep well the pumps on the feet without any fastening. But because this shoe group have laces we can build them even on pump last with narrow instep because of the laces. The shoes with laces that you can create on pump last are: 1. Oxford shoes 2 Derby shoes 3. Any other type with fastening Pic of those shoes More than this, you can also make your pump last wider in the instep using veg tanned leather, if the instep of your pump last is too narrow for you. I explain how to do it in my bespoke derby course. Bespoke Derby Handsewn Opanka Shoes Course Boots Although in the previous post I told you that to make any kind of boots ( high, low) you need to use boot lasts, there is a pattern making technique that will help you to construct boot pattern using pump last. In my boot course I teach this unique approach. Using this approach you will be able to use your pump last and make variety of boots types ( High Women Boot Course ) . Small shoemaking tip: To last boot upper on pump last you can also attach to the back part additional piece of veg tanned leather to make the shape of the pump's back similar to the back of boot's last shape. Pic of boot last with image of pump last with leather Conclusion: With pump last you can be making these 9 different footwear types: 1. Pumps 2. Mary-jane pumps 3. T-strap pumps 4. Sling back pumps 5. D’orsey pumps 6. Loafers 7. Oxford shoes 8. Derby shoes 9. Boots This is it. I hope this post will guide you in the right direction when choosing your first last. Now, if you have chosen a different kind of last as you “first last” please share in the comment below and tell us what was your experience working with this last and making your first shoes.

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First of all you can make all court shoes on the pump last. You can do it, because all court shoes like pump shoes

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Renée. France
Best shoe making course! Thank you so much for sharing and your excellent teaching! you put so much hard work into this courses… I appreciate it and love it. Now I'm making ankle boots for my daughter and that is my fourth pair of shoes. recommending to anyone who want to make shoes.
Adam. U.K

I'm so existed and it is still surreal to me, but I finished my first shoes ever! Wow! Thank you Sveta, you are the greatest! I had my doubts, but I gave it a shoot and I am so glad I did it, now I can't stop and ready for my next project.

Susan .F USA
​I like your technique for getting the pattern! So simple. Whenever possible, simple is always best, as it gives me less chance for mistakes. It is very helpful to see you doing every step. Not having anyone here to learn from, this is important. I learn much better watching than trying to read directions, or even seeing a still photo. The way you use your hands can only be conveyed in movement.
Geraldine.H, UK

I am learning so much from your video’s. Your knowledge is vast and I’m really enjoying them.

How To Make Shoes

Learn Shoe making today From Anywhere in The World

Here you will learn how to make shoes from start to finish.

This is an educational video platform to learn shoe making craft online.

We offer a wide range of shoe making courses: pattern making, sewing, lasting, finishing, modeling ,design and full shoe making process.
The purpose of this online shoe making platform is to give the best learning experience to learn how to make shoes in most professional way. The lessons will be available to you at any time, from anywhere in the world. If you are willing to learn this wonderful craft, you will make shoes.

All lessons are presented in live class format. They are verbally and visually explained and are easy to follow.

You will learn step by step how to make shoes :

 1. What shoe last is and it’s measurements?

In professional shoe making craft you can’t make your own shoes without a last.

To make shoes we use last; to design the model, to last the upper, hand sewing, sole and heel attaching.  

You can learn here more about shoe lasts https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Last

There are different types of lasts and each shoe last type has its specific parameters.

So in the basic introduction lesson you will learn how to measure main parameters of the pump last.

You will get the downloadable table of measurements for standard pump last . So you will be able to check your last , if it has right parameters to make footwear comfortable and wearable .

 2. How to apply different shoe designs on the last correctly according to the rules of pattern making

There are different footwear types and each of them has its own rules to apply on the last, from sketch.

It is very important to make shoes not only  wearable, but beautiful and comfortable.

When you will make your own shoes, you have to know how to transfer correctly your design to the shoe last.

On shoe making courses online platform you will find different courses to teach you how to make different types of shoes.

In each course we will start from learning the rules of design on the last  for  that specific shoe type, like pump shoes, flat ballet shoes, oxford shoes etc.

Here you can see full shoe making list of courses

 3. How to make full pattern of different women shoe designs 

To learn how to make shoes pattern doesn’t have to be a complicated science as you may think.

Anyone can master it. You need only to put enough effort to it and follow the step by step instructions shown in each video lesson.  

Each shoe type has its own rules of pattern making, but many of them have common features on how to make a shoe.

So to know how to make shoes you need to know how to make patterns of the main classic shoe types.

This  is the pattern making  knowledge you will gain here,

See full shoemaking list of courses.

In each course on our shoe making platform you will learn:

* how to make basic pattern of each type of shoes

* how to make the pattern of shoe upper

* how to make pattern of shoe lining

* how to make pattern of shoe reinforcements

Besides the most common pattern making techniques that you will learn here,

you will learn also many unique pattern making techniques that will help you, to make your own shoes like a pro.


 4. How to check pattern of each footwear style before you will make the actual  shoes

In each shoemaking course you will learn how to check your pattern before you will cut it from leather.

It is very important step of shoe making process, because you can avoid many mistakes,when you will make your shoes.

It is easy  to do technique and has many important advantages.

You can learn more about it at this post “Save your money on leather, make shoes working with paper patterns

5.  How to cut leather pattern

In each shoe making course  you will learn how to cut your leather patterns professionally without any special shoe making equipment

 6.  How to assemble leather shoe patterns and how to sew them

Every footwear has its own order of assembling and sewing.

So in each shoe making course you will learn step by step how to assemble each specific shoe type and how to sew it.

This knowledge of assembling order and sewing of most common shoe types will help you to make your perfect shoes:

You can change the design of your shoes, add decorative elements to the shoes that we will learn at all our courses, but the principle of order assembling and sewing will always be the same.

 7.  How to make shoes insole before you last the shoe upper

To make your shoes you need to have insoles, because on insole you will last your shoes. That’s mean that without insole you can’t make any shoe.

At this shoemaking platform there is full course about making of insole/midsole .

You will learn

*  how to make pattern for shoe insole,

*  how to construct it from special materials for insoles

*  how to make elegant insole with leather cover


Plus, there is the course about unisex sandal, where you will learn how to make leather insoles for sandals


 8.  How to last shoes

Every shoe types has its own characteristics not only in pattern making, assembling and sewing order, but in lasting process as well.

Lasting is the process, where you place the sewn shoe upper on the last, pull the edges of upper and lining and attach it to the insole.

So in this shoe making platform  you will learn step by step, how to last different shoe types.

 9. How to make shoes with unique heels using different shoe making approach and how to work with readymade heels

Here you have great opportunity  to learn all about heels, because in each shoe making course you will learn different ways of heel making:

*how to make low heels in traditional way of shoe making by constructing  them right away  on the last

* how to make high heels from scratch

* how to adjust your readymade heel to your shoes

* how to make wedge heels in the most easiest and fastest  way like a master shoemaker

* how to make a leather cover for plastic heel

* how to color your heels

Beside all this shoe making knowledge that you will gain during each course, you have a unique possibility to learn alternative way of heel making.

There is special course on the site,  how to make heels in any shape.

It will give you  freedom in your design and enlarge your possibility to make your own shoes with  your personal style.


10 How to make shoe sole with different finishing techniques

Shoe sole can tell a lot about a shoemaker that made them. According to the look of the  shoe sole you can understand if these shoes have great quality or not.

Here on this shoe making platform you will learn how to make shoe sole like a pro and will learn different shoe finishing without any special shoe making tools:

* how to color shoe sole

* how to wax shoe sole

* how to create shoe sole with finishing like of a suede leather

* how to make shoe sole with colored or waxed border

* how to make shoe sole with personal signature finishing


11 How to make shoes sock lining with different designs

Preparing of the sock lining is the last step in shoe making, and it is not less important shoe part as all other parts.

To make shoes with complete, finished look the sock lining must have the same design features as all other shoe details. That’s why in each shoe making course you will learn how to make different designs of the sock lining.

We offer currently  15 shoe making classes with more than 240 video lessons and the numbers of courses are constantly growing. See  full list of shoe making courses.

All lessons are in video format with verbal explanation, where I teach every step of shoe making process.

This shoe making platform is suitable as for begginers in shoe making and for more experienced shoemakers as well. By the end of each course you will be able to make your own pair of shoes guaranteed.


In addition to shoe making courses there is a Footwear design course.

It is an online  workshop, where you will learn different techniques how  to design your own shoes. See full description here.

As you will be learning how to make shoes by yourself following the instructions from each video lesson, you may have questions, and I even advise you to ask more, it is for your benefit. So you can ask your shoe making questions or look for solutions in the “Help me make my shoes” page. This is wonderful source to see what other members are struggling with and to share yours.