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Handsewn Opanka Course 

29 Step by step lessons

Course Length: 31 Hours

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What you will learn in this course?
  • Derdy shoes pattern construction
  • How to customize your shoe last to fit you perfectly
  • HandSewn Opanka Sole
  • Veg tanned Insole making
  • Veg tanned toe puffs & counters making

HandSewn Opanka Sole

Opanka sole is hand stitched sole that overlaps the bottom of the shoe and sewn to the upper.

You will learn one of the most beautiful hand sewn sole types - Opanka sole.

What Is so special about Opanka Sole?

  • Use opanka sole for any footwear type.
  • Opanka soles are long lasting because of its shape and because it is hand sewn to the upper.
  • Opanka sole creates extra flexibility.
  • The opanka stitch secures the sole with upper, and lining without using any glue.
  • Has a beautiful hand-sewn look with the easiest hand stitched construction to learn.

Customize Your Shoe Last

I will teach you how to measure your feet correctly and how to customize your standard last to fit your feet perfectly. We will be working with veg tanned leather.

Vegtable tanned leather covered shoe last

Veg tanned toe puffs & counters making

Veg tanned toe puffs and counters will keep the shape of your shoes and protect you feet.

Toe puffs from vegetable tanned leather
  • Natural Material , no toxic components
  • Easy to work with
  • I will teach you a unique technique how to make them solid but flexible ( where it needed) for maximum comfort
  • We will be using non toxic water based glue!
  • You are NOT limited in time to attach the stiffeners ( unlike with other materials)
  • I will teach you how to reach thin and invisible edges of your toe puffs and counters. It will guarantee good quality and beauty of your shoes
  • You can create the shape that you want using veg tanned toe puffs and counters
  • Veg tanned leather is easy to source material (unlike others)

Veg tanned Insole making

  • Easy to work with
  • Molded on your shoe lasts, so it will keep the curves of your feet
  • Most comfortable insoles
  • Solid and flexible
  • Veg tanned leather is long lasting material. ( unlike other materials that are sensitive to water)
  • With vegetable tanned insoles you will create additional support for your arc zone and add more comfort to your feet
  • The vegetable tanned leather is easy to the source material (unlike others)


Learn how to make bespoke shoes with unique opanka sole.

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Bespoke derby shoes made by hand
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