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Men's Shoe Courses Bundle

From Basic To Advanced Handsewn Techniques


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What is included in Men's Shoes bundle?

  1. 1
    Sneakers Making Course  [Full price €357]
  2. 2
    English Welted Brogue Oxford Men's Shoe Course [Full price €457]
  3. 3
    Bonus: 5 Construction Courses [Value €262]
  4. 4
    45 Shoemaking Lessons
  5. 5
    Watch & Download all lessons to your computer

English Welted Brogue Oxford Shoes

  • More than 300 steps of work
  • More than 21 hours of step by step video tutorial
  • Minimum set of tools
  1. How to apply the design of brogue Oxford shoes correctly on the last
  2. Full pattern construction of brogue Oxford: basic pattern, upper pattern, lining pattern
  3. Cutting/ Assembling/ Sewing
  4. Leather insole construction. You will learn how to prepare leather insoles for welting, working only with a simple shoe knife
  5. Making leather stiffeners
  6. Lasting
  7. Preparing the welt and sewing to the lasted upper
  8. Sole sewing with hidden stitches
  9. Heel building from vegetable tanned leather
  10. Finishing
  11. Sock lining making

sewing vans shoe sole to sneakers uppers
making EVA sole for sneakers

Sneakers Making Course 

* How to draw the sneakers design on the shoe last

* How to make a full sneakers pattern: the upper and lining pattern, the inner soft details, counters.
We will be making the sneakers as it shows in the image above, but in the pattern making process, I will be showing you 2 different sneakers constructions.- With high top sneakers with the low top ( sport elegant style)

* How to make the insole.

* How to cut leather details

* How to assemble and saw upper and lining sneakers details.
It will include a very important step where you will learn how to insert the soft inner details of sneakers that will make your sneakers more comfortable. These soft parts are made from thin foam and they usually used in the making of sports footwear.

* How to apply the eyelets on the sneakers upper for the laces

* How to apply the eyelets on the sneakers upper for the laces.

* How to last sneakers upper on the shoe last.

* How to prepare the sneakers’ bottom to the attaching of shoe sole made from rubber

* How to attach rubber shoe sole [Vans type]

* How to stitch the rubber sole by your hand using special shoemaker's awl

* How to create EVA wedge shoe sole [ This will give you the option to create sneakers on almost any shoe last].

* The basic patina on sneakers.

* Sneakers finishing