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online-video Shoemaking 

No experience needed!

Learn Shoemaking at your own pace

  • 20 Full Shoemaking courses
  • 350 Step By Step Video Lessons.
  • Watch courses 24/7
  • Download lessons to your computer
  • Work with minimum set of tools
  • Learn How To Make Shoes From Pattern To The Finished Pair Of Shoes
  • Learn Shoemaking at your own pace

Bespoke Derby Handsewn Opanka Shoes Course

This is a unique course on our platform for several reasons, here is why: In this shoemaking course, we will make our shoes with ...

Price : €327
29 Lessons
Course Length: 31 Hours


Sneakers Course

In This Course, You Will Learn How To Make Sneakers By Yourself Step By Step, From Designing The Sneakers On...

Price : €357
25 Lessons
Course Length: 27 Hours


English Welted Brogue Oxford Men's Shoe Course

In this unique course you will learn how to create handmade welted shoes from taking foot measurements to finished pair ...

Price : €457
24 Lessons
Course Length: 23 Hours

Wanted to tell you you are the best teacher in the world

Sveta, I just want to tell you that I am so greatful for all the advise you always gave me. Since I took your course I'm not looking back. Every day I learned more and more and pushed myself to become a better shoemaker to learn more on the craft. Last year I decided to start my brand and am doing so well

I just wanted to share some of my work and tell you you are the best teacher in the world.

Thank you and have a Blessed holiday season.

Conrad Kalp ... Shoemaker/Designer

Become Shoemaking Student

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Footwear Design Course

Footwear Design Course: Knowledge -Technique – Freedom

During the course you will gain the necessary knowledge and tools to understand and create footwear design. ...

Price : €257
14 Lessons
Course Length: 15 Hours

Beginner courses, ballet shoes, oxford shoes and pumps

Join My Shoemaking

Join my Beginner program with 3 perfect shoemaking courses to begin your journey in this craft.
You will learn the full process ....

Price : Special offer  
8 Courses
Course Length: 28 Hours

Ballet Flat 

Ballet flat shoes are a start point in shoe making education and that’s why we begin our learning of shoe making from this classic ballets ...

Price : €160
8 Lessons
Course Length: 12 Hours

Fashionable Ballet Flat Shoes
From Fabric Course

This is a full shoe making course. You will learn how to create beautiful ballet shoes from fabric. 
Here you will learn ...

Price : €160
10 Lessons
Course Length: 12 Hours

High Heel 
Pump Shoes 

High heel Pump shoes are one of the most popular footwear types, but to make beautiful pump shoes is a great challenge ...

Price : €167
14 Lessons
Course Length: 16 Hours

How To Make 
Shoes Course

This shoe making course will teach you how to make Oxford shoes. 
There are different styles of oxford shoes and  ...

Price : €207
15 Lessons
Course Length: 16 Hours