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Shoe making Courses: Watch. Learn. Make Shoes

Shoe making courses on this platform provide a structured pathway to mastering the craft of shoe making and shoe design. Starting with the foundational concepts, learners progress through every aspect of creating a shoe, from insole formation to intricate exterior design. Detailed modules guide you through custom shoe creation processes, shoe construction methodologies, and techniques to ensure optimal fit and comfort. By the course's conclusion, participants will possess the technical know-how to design, construct, and refine shoes professionally. Learn shoe making online, at your convenience, and embark on a journey that transforms you from a novice to an expert, equipped to craft bespoke footwear.

Beginner Shoe making Courses

Delving into the world of shoemaking can be daunting for those new to the craft. Recognizing this, these shoemaking courses have been meticulously crafted for absolute beginners. They are tailored for individuals who, perhaps, have never held a piece of leather, let alone constructed a shoe. The content is structured to ease novices into understanding even the most intricate details of shoemaking, initiating them with simpler shoe designs and constructions. Each course offers step-by-step guidance, ensuring clarity and comprehensibility. Moreover, for the convenience of our learners, these courses can be both streamed online or downloaded, allowing for flexible, self-paced learning. Immerse yourself in this age-old craft, starting from the basics and journeying to mastery.

Price: €160
8 Lessons
Length: 12 Hours

Ballet flat shoes course

Price: €287
20 Lessons
Length: 23 Hours

Loafers Making Online Course

Price: €167
14 Lessons
Length: 16 Hours

High Heel Pump Shoes Course

Price: €207
15 Lessons
Length: 16 Hours

Oxford Women Shoes Course

Price: €197
13 Lessons
Length: 13 Hours

One Cut Oxford Shoes Course

Price: €207
26 Lessons
Length: 26 Hours

Wedge Cork Sandals Course

Price: €457
19 Lessons
Length: 21 Hours

Dr. Martens Boots Course

Advanced Shoe making courses

For aspiring shoemakers who've dipped their toes into the craft and are eager to elevate their skills to a professional level, these courses are designed just for you. Crafted with precision, they delve deep into time-honored shoemaking techniques, such as hand-sewing, the intricate welted construction, and the fine art of shoe last customization, ensuring that the shoes you create offer unparalleled comfort. If the allure of bespoke footwear—crafted to perfection and unparalleled in comfort—is what you seek, then the "Bespoke Derby Course" and "English Welted Course" stand as exceptional choices. These comprehensive courses guide you seamlessly, from the initial design sketched on the shoe last to the proud moment of completing a finished pair. All lessons are available for download, allowing you to revisit and refine your craft at your own pace, ensuring you possess the tools and knowledge for a lifetime of shoemaking.

Price: €357
20 Lessons
Length: 25 Hours

Sneakers making course

If you want to craft sneakers and are uncertain about the essentials, this article guides you through the process step by step. From understanding the crucial 'shoe last' to selecting materials and mastering design, find every vital detail encapsulated in this ultimate sneaker making guide

Price: €237
31 Lessons
Length: 33 Hours

How To Make Moccasins Course

Price: €187
8 Lessons
Length: 10 Hours

Ankle Women Boot Course

Price: €190
14 Lessons
Length: 16 Hours

High Women Boot Course

Price: €207
21 Lessons
Length: 23 Hours

T strap Pump Shoes Course

Price: €187
15 Lessons
Length: 15 Hours

Slingback Pumps Shoes Course

Price: €187
13 Lessons
Length: 13 Hours

Unisex Sandals Course

Comprehensive Programs

If your ambition is to acquire comprehensive shoemaking knowledge, enabling you to craft any footwear type using straightforward tools, I have two specialized programs for you: "Beginners Program" and "ShoemakerPro".

"Beginners Pro" is tailored for those who are new to shoemaking.

There are 8 shoemaking classes in this educational program,  all of which were created with newcomers in mind and step-by-step teaching the fundamentals.

On the other hand, the "ShoemakerPro" education is a longer program that includes 23 shoemaking classes that start with the most basic shoe types and progress gradually to more complex courses. This course will teach you in-depth, extremely detailed shoemaking techniques that will enable you to design and create any style of shoe like a pro. The set of shoemaking materials and tools, the 20-month learning timetable, the shoemaking webinars, recaps and reviews, and the Footwear Design Course are all offered by Shoemaker Pro.

Price: €537
8 Courses
Length: 100 Hours

Beginners program

Students Make Shoes

The first shoemaking course here on the platform open in July 2013, and it was Ballets Flat course, and since then over 3000 students from every corner of our plannet took my courses.

The best way for teacher to show that his approach of teaching, his lessons work is by showing his students work.
We may be thousands kilometers a part, but at the same time we are always in the same room, thanks to technogy. So it doesnt metter if students take my,"Beginners Program" or "ShoemakerPro" programs or any other shoe making course, they know I never skip any step and the results are amazing.

Take a look at some of my students work, shoes that they make.

From simple Ballets to Hand Sewn Welted shoes

Shoemaking Students Make Shoes

Men’s shoe courses

This curated collection of shoemaking courses is tailored specifically for crafting men's shoe types. While these courses focus on men's footwear, they offer a wealth of knowledge that applies universally, given that many footwear styles are unisex and suited for everyone. Designed with clarity, each course encompasses a wide range of comprehensive shoemaking techniques, ensuring that even those new to the craft can easily follow along and master the intricacies. While these courses fit perfectly for those with a keen interest in men's footwear, the techniques and lessons imparted are also included in other sections we offer. This ensures that as you evolve in your shoemaking journey, our courses continually serve your diverse needs, whether current or future-oriented.


Within this section, we've thoughtfully curated a range of bundles, each centered around a distinct shoemaking theme. These compilations bring together the courses highlighted above but are grouped by specific footwear styles, such as a collection focused solely on flat ballet shoes, another dedicated to boots, and so on. The primary aim behind these specialized bundles is to provide you with focused shoemaking knowledge tailored to your preferences. Furthermore, by opting for these themed packages, you not only receive a concentrated learning experience but also benefit from a budget-friendly approach, ensuring that you achieve your shoemaking aspirations without undue strain on your finances.

Price: €297
2 Courses
Length: 23 Hours

Boots Making Bundle Courses

Price: €1101
8 Courses
Length: 68 Hours

How to make Men’s shoes Bundle

Price: €387
8 Courses
Length: 47 Hours

Flat Ballets Program

Maybe Ballet are the starting point in shoemaking and a basic shoe making construction but most of the more complex shoe constructions are based on it. You can call it the fundamental knowledge you need to have. You can check more details about Making Flat Ballets here.

Price: €581
4 Courses
Length: 56 Hours

Sandals making bundle

Special shoemaking techniques courses

These specialized shoemaking courses cater to your unique requirements, delving deep into the intricacies of fundamental shoe components. Created with both novices and seasoned crafters in mind, these courses offer insights into the art of crafting insoles, soles, and even modifying the shape of shoe lasts with the finesse of a professional shoemaker. These instructional courses don't just provide knowledge; they emphasize practicality, teaching you effective shoemaking techniques. Moreover, they advocate for simplicity, showcasing how to craft primary shoe components using a minimalistic set of tools. Whether you're embarking on your shoemaking journey or honing your skills, these courses serve as your comprehensive guide to mastering the essentials.

Price: €127
1 Courses
Length: 3 Hours

How to Make Heels Course

Price: €127
1 Courses
Length: 2 Hours

Creating Handmade Midsole Course

Price: €127
1 Courses
Length: 3.5 Hours

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