Learn how to make your own shoes for yourself or for a business in the best professional way. We have a wide range of courses and in each course, you learn how to; Design on the last, pattern making, cutting, assembling, heel making, sole making, sewing, lasting, finishing and other shoemaking techniques. No experience needed as we have courses for beginners and experienced shoemakers. Scroll down this page to see the full list of our courses & exclusive bundles.

  • 18 Full Shoemaking courses
  • 350 Step By Step Video Lessons.
  • Learn How To Make Shoes From Pattern To The Finished Pair Of Shoes
  • Watch courses 24/7
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  • Work with minimum set of tools

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How To Make Moccasins Course 

Price:  €177 

In this new shoemaking course you will learn how to make moccasins from scratch. This so interesting shoe type is very different from every other type of footwear, so you will learn here many new approaches in shoe making:

* You will learn how to make pattern of moccasins.

Pattern making is a start point of your learning. It is very important step in moccasin making, because only precise pattern of moccasin will guarantee...


How To Make Bespoke Derby Handsewn Opanka Shoes Course

Exclusive Shoemaking Course

Price:  €237

In this shoemaking course you will make your shoes with only natural materials and we will customize our shoes for the best comfort.
In this course I will teach you:
Derby shoes pattern construction
How to customize your shoe last to fit you perfectly HandSewn Opanka Sole
Veg tanned Insole making
Veg tanned toe puffs & counters making ....


T Strap Pumps Shoes Course

Available Only With MEGA BUNDLE

T strap pump shoes are very similar in it construction to ordinary pumps shoes, but it has his unique qualities and construction rules that you must know to make your perfect T strap pump shoes.

This is a full shoe making course, consists of 10 lessons with length of 40-90 min each.

What you will learn in this course ...


Last Measurements & Basic Pattern

Available in All Courses

It will give you first necessary information about correct last measurements to make your first pair of shoes correct from the first time.
After you will gain this knowledge, it will be easier for you to make basic pattern of your last.

Basic pattern is the starting point in the shoe pattern making and it will give you the first glimpse of the pattern making that will help you to understand this process...


Wedge Cork Sandals Course

Available Only With MEGA BUNDLE

In this shoe making course you will learn how to make your own Wedge Platform Cork Sandals. You will learn one of the easiest shoemaking ways to create your desirable wedge platforms. You can do it in different heights!
Why would you want to make those shoes:
1. Fashionable and very comfortable cork platform sandals 2. Anyone can do it without any experience in shoe making
3. No special shoe making equipment needed ...


Ballet Flat Shoes Course

Price:  €127 

Ballet flat shoes are a start point in shoe making education and that’s why we begin our learning of shoe making from this classic ballet flat shoes course.

This is a full shoe making course, consists of 8 lessons with length of 40-90 min each.


Fashionable Ballet Flat Shoes From Fabric Course

Price:  €127 

This is a full shoe making course. You will learn how to create beautiful ballet shoes from fabric.
Here you will learn:
How to make shoes from different materials: fabric and patent leather
* How to speed up pattern making process
* How to make thin and elegant shoe binding
* How to make shoe components with inside out seams ...

High heel pump shoes

High Heel Pump Shoes Course

Price:  €137 

High heel Pump shoes are one of the most popular footwear types, but to make beautiful pump shoes is a great challenge.
The main beauty of high heel pump shoes is a clean harmony of the top line together with the shoe last and heels.
To make these perfect classic pump shoes you need to know, how to achieve this clean, beautiful look and make your high heel pump shoes like a true shoemaker.

Oxford shoes

Oxford  Shoes Course

Price:  €137 

This shoemaking course will teach you how to make Oxford shoes.
There are different styles of oxford shoes and different constructions, but the great thing about it is, when you will learn how to make one of those shoe styles, you will be able to adjust it to your needs.
I will teach you how to do it in this course. That’s why you will learn how to make one of the most common and popular Oxford shoes styles ...


How to Make Heels Course

Available in All Courses

You can’t find heel to fit your shoe design? Do you want to construct something special and not just square heel?

In this shoe making course you will learn how to create heels in any shape.
With only a piece of thick leather, cement glue and patience you will be able to create almost any kind of heels.
In this shoemaking course you will learn how to make your heel separately from the lasted shoe ...

Change Your Last Form

Change Your Last Form Course

Available in All Courses

When you want to make changes to your last it’s important to do it identically to both pair of lasts to get equal shape of your shoes.

So in this shoe making course you will learn exclusive technique, how to make equal changes to your shoe lasts using epoxy putty.

With this technique you can change your round toe last to pointy toe last or otherwise ...

Creating Alternative Bespoke Outsole

Creating Alternative Bespoke Outsole Course

Available in All Courses

This course is about shoe sole. There are two approaches of shoe sole making: factories ready-made outsoles and bespoke method.
These ways of outsole making has their advantages and disadvantages.
I combined together the advantages of each approach and created my method of making this important shoe component.
This shoe making course will help you to create outsoles in faster and easier way for any type of shoes.

High Women Boot

High Women Boot Course

Price:  €157 

High women boots course is a full step by step shoe making course.
You will start from pattern making, where you will learn how to construct basic pattern of high boots.
The great thing about high boot basic pattern is, that from this basic pattern you will be able to create any other boot!
You can change the height of the boot, you can create ankle boot or any other design of a boot. More than this, as an essential part of this course you will learn how ...


Unisex Sandals Course

Price:  €147 

There are many types of sandals and each of them has its own rules of pattern construction, depends on the design of the sandal.
In this shoe making course you will learn how to make unique sandals design of unisex sandals.
We will make unisex sandals and this shoemaking courses will suit well for both women and men.
Here you will learn one of the main characteristics in the sandal production:

Creating Handmade Midsole

Creating Handmade Midsole Course

Available in All Courses

In this full shoe making course you will learn how to make midsole (insole).
It is not so noticeable shoe part, but it is a very important and necessary detail in footwear.
Without midsoles you can’t make your shoes.
There are different ways to make midsole, and this time we will make factory quality midsoles.


One cut Oxford Shoes Course

Available Only With MEGA BUNDLE

In this course on one cut Oxford shoes you will learn one of the best pattern making solutions to turn curved line of the vamp to straight line in order to create one cut pattern.
With this technique you will be able to resolve many pattern makings problems in many other different types of shoes, and it’s not only that.
You will learn also how to construct upper pattern with variety of decorative classical elements: different binding designs and turned over seams ...

Slingback Pumps Shoes Course

Slingback Pump Shoes Course

Price:  €147 

Slingback pump shoes is very popular, fashionable shoe model . Slingbacks are pump shoes with opened heel.
In this course you will learn how to make slingback pump shoes with hidden elastic bend step by step from the scratch to finished pair of shoes.
So you will learn here:
* How to design slingback pump shoes on the last
* How to make full pattern of slingback pump shoes
* What is the one of the important pattern that will help you to last your slingback pump shoes like

Ankle woman boot course

Ankle Boot Course

Price:  €137 

This ankle boot course is created for women ankle boots but it’s pattern construction is exactly the same for men and women ankle boots design.
Men, interested in this course are welcome to join, just working with a men boot last.
In this shoe making course we will make very popular ankle boot style, ankle boots with elastic bands on the sides.
You will learn here one of the most interesting pattern constructions of the ankle boot and will make your ...

Shoemaking Courses Bundles
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This program is active since 2013, more then 1200 students attended my courses since then and it is safe to say, this is proven and effective way to learn shoemaking at your own pace. 

    • Variety of pattern making & Shoemaking techniques
    • Having the access to all 18 Shoemaking courses will give you the freedom in choosing, how to make your shoes, what materials to use and the look of your shoes.
    • Full shoemaking  program to help you make shoes for any purpose:
      - If you have problematic feet
      - Create professional footwear collection
      - If you want to open a business
      - Create shoes for yourselves and your family
Mohie Magid

​You great and professional , I’m Bata Technical College graduate, specialized in shoe making field . I practiced making shoes for 10 years in Bata company and I left this field for 21 years, now I’m back to this field again through your courses and now established my own workshop…….. Get my family best wishes 

Mohie Magid

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