How To Make Moccasins Course

How to make moccasins?

In this shoemaking course you will learn how to make moccasins from scratch. This so interesting shoe type is very different from every other type of footwear, so you will learn here  many new approaches in shoe making:

You will learn how to make the pattern of moccasins

Moccasin pattern making

Pattern making is a start point of your learning. It is very important step in moccasin making because only precise pattern of moccasin will guarantee you that you will make good and quality moccasins. The pattern of moccasins is very unique, because it is one cut pattern that includes the part of the insole that overlaps the shoe last bottom and sewn with the front part of moccasins -the tongue.

If every other shoe type consists of few different part, where the upper is made apart from the insole, so in moccasins, the upper is the hole shoe. That’s why the upper pattern construction of moccasins  is so important. So here you will learn unique shoe making technique on how to make one cut pattern of moccasins using your shoe last. This special pattern making technique to make moccasins is one of the kind and you will learn it step by step in this shoe making course.

You will learn how to sew moccasins and why it is so special


The assembling and sewing of moccasins have very unique order and you will learn it step by step in this shoe making class. It is unique and special, because you will need to sew two main parts of moccasins by hand. So you will learn how to make handmade stitches in moccasins. There are different  ways to make this handmade stitches and it depends on the style of moccasins and on the way how the moccasins pattern was created. In this shoe making course you will learn how to make the most complicated type of moccasins with hand made sewing to be able to make any other style of moccasins on the basis of this one.

How to last moccasins and what is so unique in this shoe making craft

Making-moccasins lasting

Lasting of moccasins is unusual because you will not last properly your moccasins, you will place them on the last. How to do that exactly and what is so important in this shoe making process you will learn here.  

You will learn how to make special insoles (midsoles) for moccasins


Although the upper of moccasins has one cut part with the insoles you still would need to make the insoles for moccasins to make them wearable. It is an absolutely different way of shoe making and different from what you learned before in other shoe making courses.

You will learn how to make the sole for moccasins


Also here you will learn many new shoe making approaches in sole making that are special for moccasins. You will learn how to create 2 layered sole that you can create for any type of shoes.

You will learn how to make wooden heels for your shoes


Learn how to create a perfectly fit wooden heel for your shoes. You will learn how to calculate and execute the creation of heel out of wood, how to shape it and cover it with leather. You will learn how to do it at home with basic tools and you can create this kind of heel for any type of shoes.

This are professional shoe making courses that will give you all the necessary skills and knowledge to create moccasin shoes from start to finish.
All lessons are presented in live class format. They are verbally and visually explained and are easy to follow.

 You will learn :

  • Rules of correct moccasin design on the shoe last
  • 4 steps of Moccasin pattern making
  • Upper and Lining pattern construction
  • Cutting/Assembling/Sewing
  • Shoemaking technique of Moccasin vamp hand sewing
  • Unique insole making technique for moccasins shoes
  • Sole making
  • Heel making
  • Finish
  • Moccasin sock lining creation

This shoemaking courses consist of 31 shoemaking lessons.

Lesson length: 45-120 minutes

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  • Download all lessons to watch them offline.
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  • 4 months access to full How to Make Moccasins Course