Smart Shoemaking: How To Turn From Being a Beginner To Making Your Own Shoes

Smart Shoemaking: How To Turn From Being a Beginner To Making Your Own Shoes

What can you do to learn how to make a variety of shoes?

Right now, you are a total beginner in shoemaking, you don’t know how to create even the most basic footwear construction, so what can you do to not only learn how to create these basic shoe types, but how to make the shoes that you want to make?

The answer is – the Smart Shoemaking.

Here at Shoemaking Courses Online, I teach my students how to make 19 different footwear types, 19 different footwear designs but that is not the end, if you understand the concept and my practice of the Smart Shoemaking approach. 


There is much more footwear types, footwear designs that you can do by using the classic and basic footwear construction.

In my courses, students learn how to construct footwear models according to the rules of construction and by using these rules properly you can create unlimited designs of these models.

You can see the example above, the classic Ballet shoes, that we make on my Ballet Shoe Course, but that is not the end.

Check more detailed explanation in this tutorial.

What you must understand is, that you must know how to use what you already made [ I am talking about the pattern you made ] to create any other Ballet shoes and you can see it in the example.

You Must apply the Smart shoemaking approach in every footwear type to create variety of any other shoes.

Here is another example of Oxford shoes. This is what we make on Oxford Shoes Course, but you can do much more.

Oxford shoes variation

So when you will start learning shoemaking use this Smart Shoemaking Approach to multiply your possibilities and  make your own shoes at the end, because this is the most important part!

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  • December 12, 2018

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