7 Best Shoemaking Techniques for men’s Bespoke English Welted shoes (short Shoemaking Training)


7 Best Shoemaking Techniques for men’s Bespoke English Welted shoes [short  Shoemaking Training] I combined for you 7 best shoemaking techniques of making men’s bespoke English shoes.   Of course, there are much more shoe making steps that you need to know to make bespoke English Welted Brogue Oxford shoes, but these 7 are most important (the best) and […]

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Best Shoe making Tips 2017

When you thinking about shoemaking you think about big things and big problems that you may encounter, like how to last properly, what type of leather to use, how to skive, etc.But when you will dive into this wonderful craft you will realize that shoemaking is much more than that.There are much more details that […]

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Shoe Last Types


  There are different shoe last types and in this post I will talk with you about most common shoe last types. We have men’s lasts, women’s lasts and children’s lasts. But this is not all the shoe last types that we have. You know that there are same shoe lasts types for every footwear […]

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Different Types of Shoe Last Opening| Part 2

Different types of shoe last

Different types of shoe last openingIn the previous post I talked with you about components of shoe lasts and their function.  Among the components that I listed was a link hinge. Now in this post we will talk about this link hinge or about different types of shoe last opening. I also will answer on […]

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