June 20, 2014


This week I updated the website and made some changes to enhance your experience on the website and make it easier to navigate to lessons and other resources.

Part of already made solutions was suggested by members of this site. This is super important for me and for you as well.
I don’t see or experience everything as you do here on the site, so it is very helpful to hear your opinion, problems, and suggestions.

The menu tabs changed and now on the top menu, you can find two new tabs.

online-courses menu
The Blog tab that was not there before will make it easier for you to find out about new updates, news, free tutorials and solutions that I publish from time to time.

The second tab is the Start Here tab, which was requested by newcomers to the site, which got lost a little bit in all the information and courses that this platform has to offer.
So by clicking on this tab, you will land on the explanation of everything this site can offer you.
Now the most important update is on the already existed tab, the ONLINE COURSES tab. If you are a registered member this is where you will find any course that is on the site.


shoemaking courses-list

Each course is an active link to this course page where you will find the entire list of lessons.
Although the shoemaking program page is still active and you can find it under the ONLINE Courses tab, it is more organized by courses and not the program.

At the bottom of the page, you can find the Recent Shoemaking Lesson to follow the courses that are in the making progress.


Footwear design courses navigation



All members of footwear design course can navigate to see lessons from the Online Courses page as it is listed there or just from the top menu, just as in the picture.

Drop down menu will open when you will hover the ONLINE courses tab and give you more options.


Here is the link to the lesson page:



shoemaking home-page

This page was updated as well, and also to help you navigate in more natural and fast way through the website.
Under the banner, you will find 3 tabs, which will get you straight to Footwear design course page, Shoemaking test ( do it now, if you didn’t already) and the Start here page which I mentioned before.


Social media
What can we do, in the world that is moving at such a high speed and we never have enough time? Social media!
It is hard with my schedule to be super fast with my responses to your emails.

Although I do try and mostly it doesn’t take more than a day, connect with me on a social platform and ask a question, I tend to respond there super quickly as it is always reachable.

In the middle row you can find the social icons, so don’t be a stranger and just say Hi!
By the way, recently I got hooked on Twitter ( just a hint ).
Below the social buttons, you will find two other options to navigate to most recent post and the most recent lesson on the site.


That is it, for now, more updates to come and as always your suggestions are welcome and you can write them here in the comment below.

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