July 14, 2022

Pretty Ballerinas Pattern Making and What Makes Them Pretty?!


Pretty Ballerinas Pattern Making

Who loves Pretty Ballerinas? You don’t have to answer that, I know you do.

Every beginner starts his journey in shoemaking craft by making his flat ballet shoes, and he should. I always guide beginners to start making their ballerinas first as it has the most basic pattern and other more complex patterns will be based on the rules that you will learn making your pretty ballerinas. But what part makes your ballerinas look so good?

When I made my first flat ballet shoes I realized that it’s not as simple as it may seem.

There are a lot of components in making ballet shoes that will determine if your shoes will look stunning or just like any other ballerinas out there.

You need to have beautiful last, heels, good leather, and of course quality work but there is one main thing that will make your ballerinas look beautiful. Throat line, perfect throat line that will emphasize the natural curves of your feet. So, if you will make the throat line crooked you will ruin the entire look of your pretty ballerinas.

Pretty ballerinas pattern


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How To Make Pretty Ballerinas  

What is the problem with making a throat line in flat ballet shoes?

The problem is that the inner side must be higher than the outer side, but at the same time, they must look the same. To make it perfect you should spend a lot of time finding this combination on your last: the inner line of the throat is higher, but that being said it still needs to look in the same proportion!  That is the secret of beautiful flat ballet shoes.


One of my greatest Italian teachers, Mr. Bruno was famous in all regions of Emilia-Romagna (Italy) because of his amazing patterns of pumps. He even had the nickname “The King of pumps’’, sadly he passed away many years ago.

He was a very busy man because all shoe manufacturers in this region were inviting him to make pumps patterns for their collections.

As a student, I had a lot of determination and I was very stubborn  ( don’t be afraid to be a stubborn student) and persistent student, so I always asked him questions so one day Bruno revealed one of his secrets to me. How to make perfect throat line of flat ballet shoes in the most simple way and now I will share it with you.

Well, it’s really great tip, but it suits only for low ballets and not high heel pumps shoes.

Ok, I will make it short:

When you make your pattern you should make the throat line of your inner and outer side symmetrical, without creating this difference between the inner and outer sides.

Then add extra to the lasting allowance on the inner side more than you usually do.

That’s it for the pattern.To dive deeper into various pattern-making techniques and solutions to common shoemaking challenges, please explore the directory: “Shoe Pattern and Templates”.


Now, the trick is in the lasting. Simple manipulation during lasting will make a perfect throat line in your flat ballet shoes!


Last it is in the way, where the central line of your upper lays not along the center line of your last (as you do usually) but lays closer to the outer side to create this difference between the inner side and outer side.


It’s simple, clever, and just AMAZING! What do you think?


Watch Full Video Tutorial:


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  1. У Вас не дуже зручна навігація сайту,я завжди блукаю тут,неможливо знайти як замовити курс,подивитись ,що входить до складу курсу. Дякую!

  2. Yes, I do think it is amazing and I have always wanted to thank you for this excellent tip you teach in your courses, because for me a good throat line is very important and one of the first things I always look at. I am sure many have benefited from this clever trick as much as I have… Thanks once again for your excellent teaching!

  3. Have U to increase the allowance right from the centre at the Toe to backcentre.

  4. Man, I am too old to start making my own shoes, but I have always had a dream to have a custom made pair of shoes. (Because I really have never had a comfortable pair of shoes since years ago I used to buy capezzios). Can you make me a pair of custom made soft leather shoes?
    Thank you
    Kathleen Cronick
    [email protected]

  5. Very interesting and useful. I'm making my daughter some ballet pumps. I'll make one pair following this design idea, and the other pair using your other technique (both are explained in your EXCELLENT video course on ballet pumps). More for my own entertainment – I doubt the little 'princess' will even notice. Thanks for all your hard work, Sveta.

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