One cut Oxford shoes course

One cut Oxford Shoes Course

You already know how to make oxford shoes, because you learn it in Oxford course shoes. But do you think it’s really enough to know only one type of Oxford shoes to be professional shoemaker? The only thing, which will help you to become a professional, is constant learning and experience in shoe making.

Assembling and sewing of Onecut Oxford shoes

How to get this experience? Make shoes as much as you can. The more you know, the easier it will turn out. In this course on one cut Oxford shoes you will learn one of the best  pattern making solutions to turn curved line of the vamp to straight line in order to create one cut pattern. 


With this technique you will be able to resolve many pattern makings problems in many other different types of shoes, and it’s not only that. You will learn also how to construct upper pattern with variety of decorative classical elements: different binding designs and turned over seams. 

All this knowledge, which you will gain here in this course, will give you freedom in your shoe making progress and will help you to become a professional and creative shoe maker. 
13 Lessons
Course Length: 13 Hours

Price - €197

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