Making Flat Ballet Shoes

Making Flat Ballet Shoes [ Unlimited Designs ]

making flat ballet shoes

Making Flat Ballet shoes as your first-ever footwear type will make your learning of shoemaking easier and smoother! 

Yes, I know, there are a lot of footwear types that you would want to make but, as a beginner in shoemaking, I advise you to start your journey with this shoe type.

I already explained to you about it in this post ‘’Making Shoes For The First Time? Do This!’’, so make sure to check it, if you missed it.

Now, based on my students work through the years of teaching shoemaking,

 I know that many of you want to make flat ballet shoes, only Flat Ballet Shoes.

The reason is very clear because with these footwear types you can create a wide range of shoe designs. 

That’s why especially for you, the flat ballet shoe lovers,  I created a NEW Flat Ballet Shoes Program, where you will learn how to make unlimited designs of flat ballet shoes, starting from the classic flats and finishing with your own shoe designs! 

Now, In this post, I want to show you a few most important things about making flat ballet shoes that you should know before you dive in and starting your shoe making learning! 

The Neckline is One of The Most Important Details in Making Flat Ballet Shoes

Classic flat ballet shoes have a pure and clean design. That’s why the neckline (the topline) in making classic flat ballet shoes is such an important detail. 

It is the main design element that can emphasize the beauty of your feet or in the opposite, can make it look worse.

Ugly feet

Two Important Things To Always make Beautiful Neckline in Flat ballet shoes

In making flat ballet shoes there are two prime things that you need to know to always make beautiful topline: shoe last shape and your feet.

Shoe last shape in making flat ballet shoes

different shoe lasts for flat ballet shoes

There is a special shoe last type you need to use in making flat ballet shoes. 

It is pump last with low heels. The heel height is from 5mm up to 2.5 cm.

So the pump last with low heels is the shoe last for flat ballet shoes.

There are flat ballet shoe lasts with many different toe shapes and the wedge shapes, that can be flat or curved (depends on the heel height).

shoe lass toe shape
flat wedge of a shoe last
curved wedge of shoe lass

So if you will follow the shape of your shoe last and will design the throat line accordingly you will get the ultimate top line of your flat ballet shoes. 

You will get a beautiful neckline that will emphasize the beauty of your shoe lasts shape. 

Let’s compare these two examples of the necklines on the different shoe lasts.

neckline of flat ballet shoes on pointed shoe last
throat  line of flat ballet shoes on rounded toe shoe last

In both examples, the red line follows the bottom wedge of each shoe last and goes parallel to it.

The neckline at the pointed toe shoe last is higher and narrower than at the rounded toe shoe last. That is why by following parallel to this shape the neckline here is higher than at the second shoe last.

To follow the shoe’s last shape in the making of the flat ballets’ top line is not a strict rule (you can design different necklines), but using this approach you will have the most perfect throat line at your ballet flats.

During the design of the neckline, there is another important thing you need to take in your attention. It is your feet dimension and shape. 

Your feet shape in making flat ballet shoes

Now I have a few questions for you. 

Do you adore the look of your feet when they look like fall off from your flat ballet shoes?

If you have long and narrow feet would you be glad to reduce them visually?  

Do you know how much can you go down in the neckline, in the throat line opening?

the opening of the neckline in making flat ballet shoes

In the footwear as in the cloth, there are certain designs that will suit you better, which will accent the beauty of your feet much more than some other shoe designs.

So, yes, there is a certain measurement you need to use in the opening of the throat line. It must not be too opened to not show your toes and must not be too close, because it will hurt your feet. 
You need to measure it from the heel toward the toe of the shoe last

the neckline measurement in making flat ballet shoes

In addition, in making your flat ballet shoes you need to consider the shape and the size of your feet. 

You need to design such a neckline that will suit your feet configuration, meaning, if you have wide and full feet I advise you to not design a deep throat line because it will look bad.

On the other side, if you have long and thin feet, you can reduce visually the length of your feet by designing the deep neckline and sideline of your flat ballets.

These are only two examples of how you can customize the design of your classic flat ballet shoes according to the shape of your feet. There are many more options depends on the configuration of your feet.

So to design beautiful and comfortable neckline in making flat ballet shoes you need to consider the shoe last shape and feet shape

Make a variety of flat ballet shoe designs working with different materials

The first option to make a variety of flat ballet shoe designs is to use different materials

fabrics for shoemaking

There are many different materials you can work with but most accessible you can find no matter where you live, is a fabric.

There is a special fabric made for footwear but you can use almost anyone you like. 

The important thing here is to reinforce the fabric to use it in shoemaking. You don’t need any special material, there is a special approach and I teach it in my program.

The next super important thing you need to know is how to adjust the pattern of your flat ballets to each fabric you will want to use in making flat ballet shoes.

In my upcoming Flat Ballet shoe Program, you will learn this very clever and useful approach and many others that will help you to expand your design possibility in making flat ballet shoes.

So, let’s learn about another two approaches.

Two Approaches in Making Unlimited Designs of Flat Ballet Shoes

Together with using different materials in making your flat ballets there are two shoemaking approaches that will help you to make unlimited shoe designs.

Inside the Boundaries of the Classic Flat Ballet Shoes

This is your classic, simple flat ballet design.

classic flat ballet shoes

The red line is where the boundaries of this classic shoe design. Working only inside these boundaries you can make different designs of flat ballet shoes. 

Once you will make the pattern of these classic shoes, use this pattern to create other shoe designs working inside of the boundaries of this pattern. 

You will learn this approach in one of the courses of the Flat Ballet Shoes Program. 

Let’s look at the examples. All these designs of flat ballet shoes were made by my students that were total beginners like you! 

Here are some designs of flat ballets based on the classic one.

students work, flat ballet shoes
black flat ballet shoes
shoe design
making flat ballet shoes in the classic rules of construction

Beyond The Boundaries of The Classic Flats

student work

The second approach is to work outside of the boundaries of classic flat ballet shoes. This approach will give you the possibility to make unlimited designs of flat ballet shoes.

The main concept of this approach is to use the pattern of your classic flat ballets, change it by adding different design elements outside the boundaries of classic shoes. 

To add different shoe elements and change the pattern of your classic flat ballets you will need to know different rules beyond the classic pattern.

So these are the main steps:

  • design on the shoe last your flat ballets
  • use the rules of construction of classic flat ballet shoes
  • change the pattern or add different outside elements

This approach is a part of my footwear design course that I upgraded especially for you and included it in my Flat Ballet shoe Program.

So after finishing this program, you will be able to make your own shoe designs and your possibilities are unlimited.

Now, I want to show you what possibilities you will have with this approach on the example of the works of some of my students [ BTW many of them already established their own shoe business!]

shoe drawing on the shoe last
red flat ballet
different design of flat ballet shoes
shoemaking student shoes

Now, to make everything clear and easier to understand, I made shoemaking tutorial where I explain step by step 3 most important things you need to know about making flat ballet shoes.

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  • December 5, 2019

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