August 2, 2019

How to Reinforce the Shoe Top-line in Shoemaking

Every step in shoemaking is very important and influences on the next one.

So let’s learn shoemaking the right way!

In shoemaking we need to reinforce certain parts of the upper with special shoe making reinforcement tape.

Today I want to talk with you about reinforcement of the shoe top line as must to do operation!

The top line of a shoe is the top edge of the shoe that defines the entire contour of  footwear.

Reinforcement of the shoe top line! Where, why and how to reinforce it?

The shoe top line must be reinforced with special shoemaking reinforcement tape!

It is narrow tape with the width of 4mm that has adhesive inner side.


Now, let’s learn on example of this shoe model, where you need to reinforce the upper, so you will understand better where you will need to reinforce your shoe upper! This is how it works in making all shoe types.

Parts of the upper 1, 2,3,4 have folding

So all these parts you must reinforce with the tape.

Main upper part 5 has folding in the throat line, so you must reinforce this shoe top line as well with reinforcement tape.

Note: This design is just one among countless possibilities for crafting flat ballet shoes. It's crucial to understand that once you're familiar with the construction rules of a specific shoe type, you can design any variation based on that foundation, infusing your own creative ideas into the process. This is precisely what I teach in my Footwear Design Course online.


Each part of your shoe upper where it has folding must be reinforced with the tape.

It is especially important to reinforce the shoe throat top line! 

The next question is why we actually need to reinforce all shoe top line?

1. It will make your upper stronger and will reduce a little bit stretchiness of leather.

I repeat it again that it is super important to reinforce the top line of the throat line to reduce the stretchiness of it, so it will be not to big, to loose during lasting. This is one of the main problems that usually beginners in shoemaking encounter and To familiarize yourself with the common mistakes beginners often make in shoemaking and to prevent these errors in your own work, I invite you to read the article: 'How to make shoes - Common Mistakes in the Shoemaking Process'

 2. With reinforcement tape is very easy to fold the shoe top line of the upper evenly and accurate.

The tape will serve you as a guideline by following which you will fold the edge of the upper very easy. And in this shoemaking tutorial you can learn on how to fold upper.

How to reinforce the shoe top line?

This is the next important question that obviously comes in your mind and to answer to this question I made a short shoe making tutorial that you can find at the beginning of the article. 

Learn it and if you have questions, I am here!

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