What is the right shoe last type to start making your shoes?

Perfect Shoe Last To Learn Shoemaking

To learn shoemaking craft there are many obstacles that you, as a beginner in shoemaking, need to overcome, but this is how you learn and practice shoe making.

The first thing you need to learn shoe making is to have a shoe last.

Now, one of the main questions that most of you have is what shoe last do you need to get started  learning and making your shoes.

In one of the previous posts I wrote about shoe lasts types.

I explained that we have many different shoes last types to work with.

If you missed this post check it here:

Shoe Last Type

To not repeat what I already explained in that post, l only want to remind you the main thought of that post: 

“To make certain shoe type you need to have its own shoe last”.

Logical conclusion from that will is,  that to make variety of footwear types, like boots, sandals, pumps etc, you need to have all this shoe lasts types.

Yes, in some sense, it is correct, but…

If you know what you are doing, and you have the pattern making skills [don’t worry- basic at least] there is a way how you can overcome it.

In this post, I will show you how and why this is the best way to learn shoemaking.

I will explain you, what is the right shoe last type you need, to get started learning shoe making and make your shoes.

 With this shoe last you will make not only one shoe type, but variety of shoe types.

In my 1 Year Program I teach how to make 14 different shoe types and how to upgrade them to make all existing footwear types. The amazing thing about it that almost all these footwear types you can make working with one shoe last type that I provide with the courses. 

So what is “right” shoe last type ?

I think it will be better to show, right?

I created this short video tutorial. Enjoy!

This is 1 shoe last that you need! Do you agree that it is a good technique and strategy for you, a beginner to start with only one shoe last to learn shoe making?

Let me know what you think and your questions in the comment below.  

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  • December 10, 2018

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