Why Flat Ballet Shoes Is Your Starting Point in Shoemaking


How to start  learning shoemaking

I discussed several  times on this blog about the basic set of shoemaking tools that you need (as a beginner)to have to get started learning shoemaking. We also mentioned alternative tools  Like dremel drill that can replace many professional  shoemaking tools. This will help you to get started without collecting all needed shoemaking tools( and I’m glad to see many of you practice it).

But I never talked with you HOW to start learning shoemaking and this is one of the most common questions that you ask yourself and asked me.

Actually, this is the first question you need to ask yourself. Because there is so many different footwear types and you really don’t know where to start learning shoemaking.

Is there a certain order in shoemaking learning or it is not important which type to start from?  Well, there is !

To get better and faster result in your shoemaking progress there is a specific way to start learning shoemaking.


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Flat ballet shoes is your starting point in shoemaking

In my courses the first shoe type that my students ( if they are beginners, of course) must learn is Flat Ballet Shoes.

Why? Because, it is the best way to get started learning shoemaking.


Basic Construction

Because first thing that you will need to learn and understand in shoemaking is pattern making. The rules of flat ballet shoes  construction is the most basic rules of pattern construction of all other footwear types.

– Primary rules on which Flat Ballets construction is based, will help you to understand better and in easier way all other footwear types (classical and nonclassical):


It will be much easy to make pumps, Oxford and Derby shoes, sandals, T-straps, Slingback pumps, Penny loafers, Moccasins , boots and many other shoes ,your shoes


– With flat ballet shoes you will understand the importance of each anatomical line( joint line, height of the top heel point, central line, side line)  and how it may influence on comfort of your shoes.
Creating correct anatomical lines are important for all other shoe types as well and by already knowing the roots of each line from flat ballets will make you learning experience and progress much faster and easier.


From Basic to Advanced

You just can’t jump ahead!

Another reason why flat ballet shoes is the first shoes you need to make is, that it is easier to follow all shoemaking steps:

Pattern making – is simple curved line ( throat line – check the post “Pretty Ballerinas Pattern Making and What Makes Them Pretty?!” )
Here you can practice with minor cutting ,sewing before you will move on to more complicated types and so on.

One classic flat ballet shoes – endless variety of flats

The secret of pattern making is, that it’s enough to know one flat ballet shoes pattern construction to create variety of ballets designs.


Start Learning Shoemaking The Right Way

There is right order how to learn shoemaking, what tools you really need as a beginner and what you really need to focus on. You went through few of those elements in this and previous posts, but if you want to get the full picture and start learning shoemaking, join me on my Shoemaking Webinar:

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  1. Posted by Beatrice nhlapho

    I would like to do a shoemaking course.I have been trying to register. I want a full course. I was also on the last webiner. And I can not
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    • Posted by Sveta Kletina

      Hi Beatrice,
      The webinar is obviously not the full course, I will send you some info about my courses to your email.

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    Your study material so fantastic and so effective i think. Now a days the contemporary trends are dramatically changes so all of us those are involved in this sector they should prepare the challenge.

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    thank you very mach for your concern

  4. Posted by Marah Loft

    I have spent several hours on your website. It is wonderful! I am interested in shoemaking for a personal reason: I have arthritis and significant bunions on my big toe joints (halix limitus) I would like to create comfortable shoes. Your shoes are beautiful for “normal feet”, if I take your course would I learn to accommodate my foot problems? And if not, perhaps you can suggest other options for study. I live on the east coast of United States in Massachusetts. Please email me in detail. Many Thanks for your thoughtful website, and detailed accessible approach to design and shoe creation. — Marah

    • Posted by Sveta Kletina

      I will send you more details to your email.

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    Hello Sveta,

    I write you with much great joy because I am one of your fans and aspiring student from Nigeria. I love your teaching skill and the attitude you display in discharging your earned skills and talent to would -be, beginners and intermediate shoe makers.

    One thing am enthusiastic of is to come over and advance my shoe making skills under your teaching. Please advice me on how to go about it. and if there is any assistance you can render I will appreciate.


    • Posted by Sveta Kletina

      You welcome to sign up for my online courses.

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    I want to ask if u make men shoes ?

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    Hi sveta ,lam a beginner on shoe making lreally love your teachings.