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Craft Barefoot Shoes: Learn the Art of Natural Shoemaking

With our extensive Barefoot Shoe Course, you'll set off on a path to become an expert in creating minimalist shoes that honor the feet's natural shape and function

Unique Barefoot Footwear Techniques In This Course

This is stands alone shoemaking course, and as in every one of my courses you will be learning the full process of creating shoes, from design of barefoot shoes, through pattern making, sewing, lasting until the finished pair of Barefoot Shoes.
Beyond all the ordinary shoemaking techniques we will be using, you will get access to unique techniques developed for this type of footwear.

epoxy shoe last adjustment

Adapting Toe Shapes for Natural Comfort

You'll learn to modify the toe shape of a standard shoe last to create a wide toe box, custom-tailored to the unique contours of your feet, ensuring ample space for natural toe spread.

Flat zero drop barefoot shoes achieved

Achieving a Zero Drop Heel with Natural Materials

Discover techniques to transform a standard shoe last with some heel height into a zero-drop shoe last

Crafting Thin and Flexible Soles: Learn how to make flexible, thin soles that do away with the conventional stiff insole. This method guarantees that your shoes keep their structural integrity without losing the sensation of being barefoot.

barefoot without stiffeners

Making barefoot shoes Without Stiffeners

Discover how to build barefoot shoes without stiffeners—the rigid elements commonly included in traditional footwear. Our techniques guarantee that your shoes stay tight and retain their shape without seeming worn out or slack—common mistakes made by many do-it-yourself barefoot projects.

barefoot-shoe design ideas

Improving Comfort with Design Innovations

With the design knowledge you'll get in this course, you'll be able to improve the fit and comfort of your barefoot shoes

shoemaking students-shoes

Transforming Bespoke Barefoot Shoe Lasts

One of the difficulties of making your own barefoot shoes is to find a special barefoot shoe last that follows the main philosophy of barefoot footwear: wide toe box and zero drop heel.
So in our Barefoot shoe course you will learn how to transform standard shoe last into barefoot shoe last working with minimum tools and materials.

wide toe box made for barefoot shoes course

Wide toe box: Barefoot Shoes Fundamentals

Why Our Transformation Method of the toe box Stands Out

Our approach goes beyond simply widening the toe box. We guide you in reshaping your shoe last to mirror the precise measurements and distinctive characteristics of your feet. Here’s what sets our method apart:

Personalized Foot Mapping

Personalized Foot Mapping

You'll learn to trace the contours of both your left and right feet, acknowledging that each foot has its own set of dimensions and quirks (be it width, length, or toe size differences).


Custom Toe Reshaping

By accurately outlining your feet, you'll adjust the toe area of your shoe lasts to create a perfect fit, ensuring unparalleled comfort and alignment with your foot's natural shape.


Innovative Shoemaking Technique

A special technique, revealed in our course, simplifies the process of achieving the desired toe shape efficiently.

Tailored shoe lasts Customization

Tailored Customization

Utilize epoxy putty and vegetable-tanned leather to fine-tune both shoe lasts, ensuring they accommodate the unique aspects of your feet.

Zero Drop Heel Customization

Considering that most standard shoe lasts come with a predetermined heel height, transforming your shoe last to a zero-drop profile—effectively eliminating any heel elevation—is a key step in crafting authentic barefoot shoes.


Why Our Zero Drop Heel Conversion Method Is Effective:

Our expert shoemaking techniques enable you to adjust your shoe last to a zero-drop configuration seamlessly, ensuring the anatomical structure of your shoe lasts remains intact and undamaged. Here’s how our method stands out:

Maintaining Anatomical Integrity

Maintaining Anatomical Integrity

You’ll learn to modify your shoe last to a zero-drop while preserving its original anatomical shape, avoiding any potential deformation.

Natural Material Use

Discover the process of converting a shoe last with a heel into a zero-drop using cork, a natural and sustainable material perfectly suited for this purpose.

Uniform Transformation Technique

Uniform Transformation Technique

Master a shoemaking technique that ensures consistent modification across both halves of your shoe last, guaranteeing symmetry and balance.


Reinforcing Cork for Durability

Gain insights into reinforcing the naturally flexible and soft cork to withstand shoemaking procedures involving nails and hammers, ensuring it remains durable and maintains a smooth, even surface.

In the course you will get all  necessary skills to effectively lower the heel of your shoe lasts to the desired zero-drop level, a fundamental aspect of barefoot shoe design, using materials and techniques that uphold the quality and functionality of your footwear.

Bara students review

Unique shoemaking technique to create thin and flexible shoe soles

Thin and Flexible Sole Creation

Thin and Flexible Sole Creation

In our barefoot shoe course you will be making thin leather sole without insole to provide better flexibility

Untraditional Stitched-Down Sole Technique

Untraditional Stitched-Down Sole Technique

You will learn a unique shoemaking technique on how to create stitched down sole construction without use of insole by sewing leather sole directly to the upper and lining

Enhancing Grip with Rubber

Enhancing Grip with Rubber

You will attach thin, flexible rubber to the hand-stitched leather sole to improve your grip on the ground.

Developing Flexible, Lightweight Shoes Without Stiffeners

barefoot made on feet

Natural Foot Movement

Barefoot shoes, free from toe puffs and heel counters, enhance natural foot motion, flexibility, muscle engagement, and ground feel, offering an alternative to traditional shoes' rigid design.

barefoot shoes on feet

Immediate Comfort

Barefoot shoes provide instant comfort with a glove-like fit, eliminating the break-in period required by traditional shoes with stiffeners, thanks to their minimalist, natural-function design.

Preserving Shoe Shape of barefoot shoes

Preserving Shoe Shape

Learn how to properly shape the toe and back of barefoot shoes to prevent them from looking loose or worn out—a necessary skill for creating high-end, aesthetically pleasing footwear.

Unique design approach to upgrade comfort and beauty of barefoot shoes

pattern of barefoot shoes

Combine your Design and pattern-making skills

Design and pattern-making techniques are interconnected, and through the course, you will learn how to leverage design to influence pattern making and vice versa. Unlock the potential of advanced pattern-making techniques that provide you with the freedom to design and create patterns for any style of barefoot shoes.


Comfort-Enhancing Design

Develop the ability to design functionally and comfortably barefoot shoes by removing the need for instep modification and preventing loose or worn-out looks.


Elastic Band Flexibility

Master the use of elastic bands in your designs for a versatile upper that fits any foot width comfortably, ensuring a secure fit without discomfort.


Soft Inner Elements

Discover how to incorporate soft elements within the shoe to maintain its shape and provide a soft touch, especially around the heel, keeping the footwear comfortable and well-fitted over time.

Full process of barefoot shoes making

  • Creating a wide toe box.
  • Flatting shoe bottom: To create a zero drop heel.
  • Design of Unisex sport-elegant footwear with soft inner elements &elastics
  • Pattern-making adjusted to Barefoot shoes
  • Lasting upper without reinforcements (stiffeners)
  • Unique sole stitching technique without insole
  • Thin sole making
  • Finishing

Special EXTRA Bonuses

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12 Months access

You can download all lessons and keep them forever[real life-time], but beyond that you will have 12 months access to this course 

Value of €140

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Shoemaking Books Bundle

The Bundle Includes 4 books :
1. Penny Loafers Full Guide
2. How To Make Derby Shoes  3. T Strap Sandal Pattern Guide 4. Ballerina/Pump Shoes

Value of €67

Need suitable Shoes Lasts to craft your Barefoot Shoes? Open a chat & ask support for details.

Barefoot Shoe Course

Culminating in 24 comprehensive step-by-step lessons, this course equips participants with the intricate techniques and craftsmanship necessary to expertly design, pattern, and construct a diverse array of barefoot shoes, ensuring comfort, style, and functionality in every step.

€ 327

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  • How To Barefoot Shoes Course

You will get access to my NEW Barefoot Shoes Course. From unique design techniques to finished pair of barefoot shoes.

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  • Creating a wide toe box

You will learn how to reshape a standard shoe last to fit and create wide toe box that is the fundamental aspect of barefoot shoes.

  • create a zero drop heel

You will learn how to transform shoe last to a zero-drop profile—effectively eliminating any heel elevation.

  • Comfort & Design Techniques

You will learn how to design creative but functional uppers that will fit any type of foot.

  • Stitch-Down Sole Technique for Barefoot Shoes

You will follow my unique approach for creating a thin and flexible sole with stitch-down technique.

  • Bonus: Shoemaking Books Bundle [value €67]  

With bonus you will get my eBooks books bundle. 4 books with videos that will teach you different pattern making footwear models.

  • 12 Months Online access [Value €140] 

With Barefoot Shoes course you get 6 Months extra access, so in total you will have 12 months a full access to Barefoot Shoes course.

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