Change Your Last Form Course

Change Your Last Form

When you want to make changes to your last it’s important to do it identically to both pair of lasts to get equal shape of your shoes. So in this shoe making course you will learn exclusive technique, how to make equal changes to your shoe lasts using epoxy putty. With this technique  you can change your round toe last to pointy toe last or otherwise.
If you don’t have many types of lasts, and you want to experiment with your existing lasts, there are two methods to do it.

Knowing these methods will give you great freedom to make reversible changes to your lasts,  any time that you need it.

The course consists of two parts with length of 40-90 min each. At the end of this course you will learn how to change the shape of  your existing lasts and enlarge possibilities of your shoe making.  

All lessons are presented in live class format. They are verbally and visually explained and are easy to follow.

This shoemaking course is available ONLY as a part of my 

1-Year Shoemaking program


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