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It's difficult and almost impossible to remember the entire shoemaking process all at once. Shoemaking Courses Online is the Only platform that is, Always available resource for you to keep learning , checking the process and avoiding mistakes until you get it right.
350 Video Lessons - Follow Shoemaking Program 
On our platform we have more than 350 video lessons [each lesson 45-95 minutes long ]. To guide you from basic to advanced footwear models, we created Full Shoemaking Program for you to follow.

Why and How to Learn Shoe making Online

Why Shoemaking Courses Online is the best place to learn shoemaking

Full Step by Step Courses - From Pattern to Finished Pair of Shoes

Every lesson length is between 45-95 minutes (and even more) and the main reason for it is, that I don't skip any step of the process, so you will receive full and detailed instructions. You hear my explanations, you see what I do and you follow my steps.

I really can't recommend this course highly enough. It's like you're there in the studio of an expert shoemaker getting a bird's eye view of how to make shoes. Plus she talks you through common beginner mistakes as you go so you know what not to do and what to look out for.

In every step of the process I focus on the mistakes that you can make and how to avoid them, so when you will finish my courses you could work by yourself.
It's important for me to explain , why you need to work in certain way because that is how you become independent.

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Work At Your Own Pace - Always Available 24/7

When you join my shoemaking courses you will get 4 months unlimited access to all the courses in your bundle.
You can Watch all courses online 24/7 and you can Download all the courses.

Why this is good for you?!

Shoemaking process is full of details and it is extremely difficult to remember it all from the first time.
My courses are always available for you to watch and practice, so you don't have to remember everything at once.
This will give you the freedom to practice with online and offline source that is always available. 

Work at Your Pace : All my courses are  downloadable and that means you will have them even after your membership will expire. You can continue practicing and improving your skills. 

Online Support- I am always Here for you
During the process you will have many questions and that is how it suppose to be.
You can send me your questions , images, videos and I will guide you to find the solution. 

Facebook Group
You welcome to join our Facebook group where I and other members share our experience, solutions and that is a good place to look for answers.

Make The Shoes That You Want - All Courses in One Place

With shoe making courses you will have complete package. 
With 18 shoemaking courses you will learn all main classic types [ see all available courses]. 
Here you will not learn only one type of footwear like in most courses, you will learn different footwear types, from pattern to finish pair of shoes and this will give you the freedom to choose what shoes you will want to make.

Different techniques - I will teach you different shoe making techniques like:
- How to measure your foot
- Cutting/Assembling/Sewing
- Pattern making 
- How to customize your last according to your feet measurements
- How to make cardboard and leather insoles
- How to make heels from wood& leather
- Wedge making from cork
- Sole making and personal design
- Working with different materials
- Different approach to lasting
- Working with minimum tools
- Hand sewn techniques
- And much more

Provo, United States

Hi Sveta, i’m very grateful for your lessons. you’ve helped me to become a shoemaker. Thank you so much!

Pattern Making - You will not get ready made patterns from me, you will do it yourself. 
I am focusing on pattern making a lot in my courses because, believe it or not this is the core of shoe making and this will make the difference between quality, good looking shoes and just amateur work.
- You will learn how to apply your design correctly on the last.
- Rules of construction
- Different pattern making techniques that are easy to follow.
- Techniques that you will not find in any shoemaking book
- Tables of measurements

Learn Shoemaking The Smart Way
I teach you what I believe and I teach you the same way I work .
I will teach you the smart and fast way to make shoes. How to use patterns and constructions that you already made and apply it for your next work. This way you will work faster and smarter. 
In my Footwear Design course [ Practical Workshop]  I will teach you how to create your own shoes, beyond the classic footwear types that you already learnt, meaning you will get a total freedom to create any type of footwear, your own shoes.  

Ahmed Mahmoud
Abuja, Nigeria

I took your courses... and finally opened my studio. Now everybody is wondering how I know much about shoemaking. In my country some are willing to pay me to teach them. Your are appreciated.?

Shoemaking Supplies - Sourcing Solution

If you sourced for shoe making tools already, you should know this is not an easy task.
Shoe making tools and materials are not cheap and it is a real challenge to buy them in small quantity. Stores prefer to work with factories that make large orders. 
Even bigger problem is, to find them all in one place, meaning you will need to spend some money on shipping as well.

Shoemaking Tools Kit [ Check the kit ]
This year I opened our Shoemaking Supplies Store where you can source tools and materials to start working on your shoes.
For our members I offer Shoemaking Tools Kit  with big discount. 
Shipping and Delivery
We have students from all over the world and ship everywhere.
All shoe lasts are made to order,so you will have to wait for your order to arrive. Considering the production and delivery time I will add this time to your membership so you will not miss anything.

I Am a Total Beginner is it For Me? How long will it take to make a ??pair?

You are in the right place. Most of my students are beginners, and that is why my courses are focused on the process.
You don't need prior experience as we start from the bottom.  

We start learning shoemaking from basic, simple footwear construction courses to the more advanced and complicated courses. That is why I created a Shoemaking Program for you to follow.

How long will it take ...

There is no one answer to this question except, we all learn and work in different pace. The best why will be to show you an example of what you can do in this period of time:

Emma joined my online courses and here is her progress during the first 2 months period . Emma is a real hard worker and she shared her progress on our Facebook group: 

It's really up to you! Learn at your own pace to achieve the best results. 

More Student Works

pete shoes 1
pete shoes 1
Make your footwear design
pete shoes 1

I Want To Make Men Shoes! Do You have Men Footwear Courses?

Understand This One Important ???Fact???!
There are footwear types with same shoe construction for MEN and WOMEN shoes.
These models are: Oxford shoes, Moccasins, Derby shoes, Ankle boots, Unisex sandals.
Our members take our courses to create footwear for men and women. 

pete shoes 1
About me

I’m Sveta Kletina, founder of Shoemaking Courses Online. Like you, I have great passion for shoes and shoemaking. I’m a shoemaker and footwear designer who knows how challenging but in the same time rewarding it is, to create shoes by yourself from scratch. It takes a lot of dedication and work, but I love it.

In 2013 I launched Shoemaking Courses Online and more then 1200 students attended my courses since then. I consider this platform to be my personal achievement, having students from all over the world learning this wonderful craft.  

Just few examples of my work