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High Women Boot Course

26 Lessons Advanced

About this course

High women boots course is a full step by step shoe making course . You will start from pattern making, where you will learn how to construct a basic pattern of high boots. The great thing about high boot basic pattern is, that from this basic pattern you will be able to create any other boot! You can change the height of the boot, you can create ankle boot or any other design of a boot.

More than this, as an essential part of this course you will learn how to construct a pattern of the boot using the pump last.

Each type of shoes has its own type of last. It is constructed according to characteristics of this specific shoe type. So to construct the pattern of the boot you need to have boot last. But if you don’t’ have this boot last, what are you going to do? In this shoemaking course, you will learn how to beat this problem and use the last, which you already have to make your boots.

You will be able to create your boot without this special equipment using your ordinary leather sewing machine.
This full shoemaking course consists of 14 lessons with a length of 40-90 min. each. All lessons are presented in live class format.
They are verbally and visually explained and are easy to follow. 

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