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How to make Ballerina and Pumps shoes  full guide

How to make Ballerina and Pump Shoe Pattern Guide


Sveta Kletina
Footwear  Designer






Full tutorial for making a ballerina shoes pattern,
accompanied with detailed videos.
For up to 5 cm heel pattern.

How to make Ballerina and Pump Shoes Pattern Guide, is a full guide that will teach you how to create patterns for Ballerina and for Pump shoes models. This guide includes 3 step by step video guides.









Table of contents

Basic Ballerina Pattern   3

Upper pattern   8

Pattern for leather lining   9

Thin non-woven lining   11

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Basic Ballerina Pattern

1. Cover the last with adhesive tape strips and mark the center lines on its front and back.

Ballerina shoes pattern 1

2. Mark the last meridians – lines that has the most contact between the shoe to the foot. These lines are the borders of the cut on the ballerina shoes, so-called cleavage, that’s why it is desirable not to digress when drawing the cut line of a pattern.
  * To do this, we place the outer side of the last to the table and mark as point A center of the most protrusive place in the fingers. Likewise, mark the point B on the inside of the last.


Ballerina shoes pattern 2



* Using flexible ruler draw a line across the center line of the last front, connecting the marked points A and B . So we obtain the point of intersection C .    


Ballerina shoes pattern 3


* Connect the points C and A with a line, divide it in half and mark point D.

Ballerina shoes pattern 4


* At the center line in the heel mark the point H, paving 54 mm from the edge of the heel up. 54 mm is for the size 37, each subsequent size increases it by 1 mm.




Ballerina shoes pattern 5


* Using flexible ruler connect point D and


This guide includes full step by step
video lessons, so you could easily
follow the work that is described
in the book.