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This is my second time registering for membership. I made my own pumps and boots last time and it was great. I am very excited to start learning again, thank you for this opportunity.

Daria. M


Thank you for being such an awesome teacher! Greeting from South Africa

Conrad,South Africa


I love it, thank you! This is amazing technique, I’m learning so much!



sveta thank you thank you for your lessons are very important for me
delcioppo massimo,Italy


I am learning so much from your video’s. Your knowledge is vast and I’m really enjoying them.


I like your technique for getting the pattern in this video! So simple. Whenever possible, simple is always best, as it gives me less chance for mistakes. It is very helpful to see you doing every step. Not having anyone here to learn from, this is important. I learn much better watching than trying to read directions, or even seeing a still photo. The way you use your hands can only be conveyed in movement.
Susan .F USA


I got to tell you, this is a great experience and great teaching. Learning from your lessons just made me understand so many things that I just couldn’t figure out on my own! Thank you for a great shoe making course.
Lorry ,Canada

I can’t wait to start this lessons too. But hey I will need to be your student for the rest of my life, just because everything here is so interested.


very good idea sveta and it makes different form of shoes and i hope you have more Technique and we looking for more Technique and
details about making shoes very good look and so nice too .
i mean how to make that design to pattern because it’s not normal design some of them have buckle for sandal and other things
thank you for best shoemaking course


You great and professional , I’m Bata Technical College graduate, specialized in shoe making field . I practiced making shoes for 10 years in Bata company and I left this field for 21 years, now I’m back to this field again through your courses and now established my own workshop……..
Get my family best wishes
Mohie MagidNigeria


I wish I was taught this technique a long time ago. I had to learn the hard way and toss out many leather pieces. That is when I decided to put the midsole on first hahaha, I had to learn from the school of hard knocks. This is the heartaches of trial and error. Thanks for telling me now – haha!The technique that Sveta teaches using the crinkled up paper pattern saved me hours of work and pretty darn accurate, plus it saves you tons in money on leather.
Keep up the great blogs!!
Marketing manager,California,USA


Thank you very much Sveta for this your online course. I am really enjoying every bit of it.
Self employed South Africa