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Students Success Stories

Total Beginners Results

steady & confident progress

By following my shoemaking program, total beginners will learn the basic footwear construction, rules of construction. Starting from basic shoe making course as flat Ballet shoes is important and will give you all the necessary knowledge to make shoes in the right way, beautiful and comfortable. 


Step By Step & Support

The focus in my courses is to give the exact path of how my students should work, what to do and what to avoid. 
Although the courses are very detailed and you are following my every step (more than 500 hours of video lessons), to get better and faster results I encourage you to ask
Members ask their questions directly to me, using 2 weeks recap & review or in our Master Mind group on Facebook. ( This is closed- members-only group). 

First Steps In Shoemaking

Michael, Lynn,  Kristine,  Jan, Nimsi and Su were all total beginners when they enrolled in my shoe making courses.
Following the program and making basic ballet shoes first,  proved to give better results. Students that follow the program create shoes that are anatomically correct, meaning more comfortable and beautiful as well.

Take a look at their work.....

shoemaking student shoes
shoemaking student shoes
Students shoe

Su just started making shoes and the great thing is, that Su is also a professional photographer, so the presentation is the best.

Student shoes Su
Student shoes ballets flat

First steps are always hard, but if you are willing to learn, you will find out quickly how satisfying this wonderful craft is.