Beginners Module

Creating Beautiful Outsole for Beautiful Shoes Part 2 – part 1

Lesson 20

  1. Made the pattern, sewed the upper, last the shoe and now you need to make the outsole, but you don’t have experience in trimming the edges of outsole when it’s attached to the shoe bottom and during your trimming, you scratch the upper?  You can’t buy the ready made factory outsoles, you need quantity! In this part of Alternative Method of Outsole making course, you will find the solution to your problems.
    In this lesson you will learn:

    1)      How to make the second part of the shoe bottom identical to the first half using the pattern of the outsole.

    2)      I will teach you how to cut the leather outsoles  and skive the edges

    3)      You will learn how to make a finish of the edge for leather outsole without any special instruments.

    4)      You will learn the steps of attaching and finishing the outsole with glass.

    5)      I will show you how you can make a final designed look for your outsoles using only two simple things.