April 4, 2014

Footwear design :Be sure that you are on the right line, calculate it!

Footwear design

There are several important parameters in each last based on anatomical structure of the feet. Those parameters I call critical lines and points, according to which your design of sandal as well as every other type of shoes will be correct. One of the interesting things in finding those lines is that if you don’t know how to find them you can calculate them mathematically. In this lesson I show how to find them in regular way and how to calculate them. Using this approach you will find critical lines on the last in more precise way. The point is that there is proportional depends in all important parameters of foot and if you will know this dependency ratio you can find where pass each critical line of last parameter.  The main parameter to calculate for every  other parameter is the length of last. In this shoemaking video lesson I explain how to measure it correctly and give away the precise  proportions to calculate and measure each place of  the critical line on the last of any size.

 You can download the table of those calculations below the video.  Pay attention on parameter for “Most extend point on the last ” I made a correction from what I wrote in the lesson .  So pay attention to make the right calculations.

What approach do you will chose in your work?  Test it and leave  a comment below  about this experience.

Footwear design course: Know anatomical lines to design correct sandal 004

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