April 6, 2014

Get your shoe midsole ready quick and easy

In this shoemaking lesson of elastic boot course I used the midsole as it is a necessary component in every shoe, I don’t show this process each time as it is the same one as, I made in “Creating Factory Quality Midsole” course. As I mentioned this before many times, this saved me a lot of headaches and allowed me to produce midsoles for any last, but one problem that many of you struggled with is a difficulty to cut out your midsole from shank board.

Shank board is very stiff material and it is difficult to cut it, especially when you need to cut smooth and curved lines. So the trick is very simple, wet it in water, and it will cut out without any extra effort. I showed in “Creating Factory Quality Midsole” that I do wet it, but after cutting. So if you still need to wet it in order to give it a shape, so why not do it before?
Warning: don’t soak it too much in water, it will lose all it qualities and can deform. Follow the exact extractions as I showed it in the Creating Factory Quality Midsole: Part 1” lesson.

Regarding your elastic boot, my advice to you is, first to make one half of boot, half pair. After you will try it on the foot, and only when you will be sure that your boot fit perfectly, make a pair. This way you will check your pattern and leather, because if you use too thick leather it will influence on the pattern.

In lesson” Ankle Boot Course: Vol.2” I showed the way how to assemble and sew elastic boot without using sewing machine with the hook. This possibility in many cases depends on thickness of your upper leather and the size of a shoe. Now, if you want to learn another way of assembling and sewing Ankle boot, leave a comment below and let me know. 

Ankle Boot Course: Vol.4 Elastic Boots: Lasting


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