English welted Brogue Oxford Shoe Course

This unique course will teach you how to create handmade welted shoes from taking foot measurements to The finished pair of your own welted oxford brogue shoes.

What you will learn in this course?!

  • More than 300 steps of work
  • A minimum set of tools
  1. Foot measurements & Adjusting the lasts to fit you perfectly.
  2. How to apply the design of brogue Oxford shoes correctly on the last
  3. Full pattern construction of brogue Oxford: basic pattern, upper pattern, lining pattern
  4. Cutting/ Assembling/ Sewing
  5. Leather insole construction. You will learn how to prepare leather insoles for welting, working only with a simple shoe knife
  6. Making leather stiffeners
  7. Lasting upper on the last
  8. Preparing the welt and sewing to the lasted upper
  9. Sole sewing with hidden stitches
  10. Heel building from vegetable tanned leather
  11. Finishing
  12. Sock lining making
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What is English Welted construction?

English welted construction is a traditional shoe making technique that is used to create long lasting shoes, that are comfortable and made with natural materials.

In ordinary cemented shoe construction, we attach the upper of our shoes to the insole and sole using glue. 

With welted construction, we sew the upper to the insole using a strap of leather welt and we sew the welt to the sole.

There are different techniques in welted shoe construction, and what is unique about English welted construction is, that the welt is sewn all around the bottom of the shoe. [ In ordinary construction the welt sewn only until the heel].

How to take foot measurements & how to adjust your lasts for bespoke making

Most of the footwear is made on the  standard shoe lasts with standard - average parameters to fit people with standard feet. If you don’t have standard feet (most of us don’t) the shoes will hurt you until they will adopt to the shape of your feet.

In this course, you will learn how to take your feet measurements correctly& make perfectly fitting shoe lasts.

Preparing the insole & sewing English Welted construction 

In footwear with welted construction is very important to make correct leather insoles with propriety preparation. What does it mean the propriety preparation of the insoles in welted construction?

  • Welt strap making- channel & skiving.
  • Molding the insole
  • Shaping the insole
  • Channel making for sewing
  • Preparing the holes for sewing
  • Preparing the thread 
  • Sewing the welt to the entire insole

Sole Making: From preparing the sole to the hidden seam technique

To create perfect English welted shoes we need to follow all steps in the process.

  • Using natural materials only
  • Preparing the thread 
  • Flat the bottom of the shoe
  • Attaching the sole
  • Channel making for sole
  • Creating clean hidden seam
  • Sewing the sole with the welt
  • Trimming the sole
  • Flattening the seam 

Leather heel making

You will learn how to create leather stacked heel. From calculating heel height that you need, shaping the heel, to the finished Beautiful men heels, with minimum tools.

Finishing : Sole coloring, polishing & socklining

You will learn how to customize your sole using Different shoe making Techniques and Everything you must do to have a perfect finished product.

  • Cleaning the sole with glass & sand paper
  • Dye coloring the sole ( choose the right color for you)
  • How to use irons for edge finishing
  • How to work without special tools
  • Waxing & polishing
  • The secret about using Gold decorative nails
  • Socklining creation

In this course you will learn how to create men’s Oxford Brogue shoes from 2 master shoemakers. 

Sveta Kletina

Footwear designer, shoemaker, pattern maker with 15 years experience of making handmade shoes.

master shoemaker

Branislav Stajic

3-rd generation shoemaker with more than 25 years of experience of making handmade shoes.

Is this shoemaking course for me?

This shoe making course is for you if :

  • Total beginner - we will cover everything in this step by step shoemaking course, so you can follow and make your own shoes.
  • If you want to learn how to make English Welted Construction
  • Upgrade your skills to make long lasting, quality footwear.
  • If you want to make casual, classic men's shoes
  • You want to learn Online! You want to learn high quality shoe making skills online, from home.
  • You want to learn at your own pace and at your own time.
  • You need very detailed, step by step  information to learn this skills.

English Welted Brogue Oxford Men's Shoe Course

In this unique course, you will learn how to create handmade welted shoes from taking foot measurements to the finished pair of English Welted Oxford Brogue Shoes.

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  • English Welted Brogue Oxford Men's Shoe Course 
  • Watch & Download All Lessons
  • 25 step by step lessons
  • Shoemaking Mastermind Group
  • 6 Months Of Online Access

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Men's Brogue Oxford Shoes Course is an online shoemaking course and will be available to students of Shoemaking Courses Online to watch & download.