How to Skive Leather in Shoemaking?!

How to Skive Leather in Shoemaking?!

Shoemaker knife and leather for shoes

Every step in shoemaking is very important and influences on the next one.
So let’s learn shoemaking the right way!


It is one of the most complicated tasks for beginners in shoemaking because the good results comes from practice and knowledge about this technique.

Shoemaking knife and piece of leather

In this post I want to teach you how to skive.  So after practising this technique you will have good results, for sure. 

But before I want to explain to you why you should skive correctly and what is the most common outcomes that will influence on your further work after wrong skiving.

How skiving may influence for bad on your shoemaking craft!

To skive well the edges of your upper, especially in places where you have folding, you need to skive wide and thin enough edge. So when you will fold the edge, you will not have thick and bulky upper edge but thin and smooth folded one. 

If you will make bad skiving your shoes will have not only such an ugly look, especially if it is the top line of your upper,  but it will make your further work much harder.

  1. In elegant women shoes a seam must be in the distance of 1-1.5 mm from the edge. Because of the thick folded edge you will not be able to sew close to it and will sew far away from the edge.
  2.  As you will need to trim the lining close to the seam it will create few problems:

    -The big part of the folded edge will be visible

    - if you made cuts to fold narrow and curved throat line in the front these cuts will be visible
  3.  If you will trim the lining allowance not close to the seam (that will be incorrect) you will have not accurate cut and big enough edge of the lining that will extend.
  4.  If you will not skive thin enough the underline, you will see the edge through the top part of the lining or upper. For example, you will see the edges of lining back part through the upper. 

Now, I think you will want to know how to make a good skiving to overcome all these mistakes that beginners in shoemaking do. 

As usual, I prepared for you a shoe making tutorial with step by step explanation! 


P.S : If this shoemaking tutorial gave you a knew knowledge or a good idea, or just simply was helpful to you and your craft, be a nice web user and comment below ! I would appreciate it a lot.

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  • July 25, 2019

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