September 12, 2014

Shoe making worksheet and how it will speed your learning progress

This week I’ve been working on new ways to improve this platform and allow you to make your own shoes in more secure and confident way, and I’m excited to share this with you today!

Worksheet: Make your own shoes  

Shoe making process combined with many steps, when each of them is extremely important in order to achieve the right and correct result.

It is like riding a bicycle, when you learn it and you practice, it stays in your subconscious and you work on autopilot just knowing what you need to do next.
The difficulty for you is really at the early stages, memorizing the steps. So, to make your learning experience here at Shoemaking Courses Online, better and more efficient I come up with Lessons Worksheets.   


In those worksheets each process will be divided into sections and will contain:

– Short, straight to the point description of what need to be done at that stage of work.
–  Tools and materials, which were used
–  Time code of this operation in the video lesson.( so you could easily find it if needed)

– Extra notes, to make you pay attention to important parts of the lesson. These worksheets will help you to memories the process better. It will give you more freedom in your work, as you could test yourself individually making your own shoes.  Worksheet will also provide a written explanation to non-native English speakers , that I know waited for this for a long time.

In today’s double shoe making lesson of Unisex sandal: Cutting, assembling, sewing 06 ( it’s pretty long 2:30 hours long, so pay attention) you already can find the worksheet of that lesson below the video and you can also download it to work off line. Worksheets will be available on the “Download this shoe making lesson” page for premium members only.


As I didn’t wanted to wait and provide you with worksheets starting from today, now I need to work backwards to create worksheets for all of my lessons. It’s a huge work ( over 100 lessons) and it will take me some time to do so but it worth it, because I’m sure it will accelerate your shoe making progress.


So, test this worksheet with today’s lesson, and tell me how it improves your work or what you think I need to add to the worksheet. Let’s make this platform better.

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