Footwear Design Course: "Knowledge -Technique – Freedom"

Footwear Design Course
Knowledge -Technique – Freedom 
Online Footwear Design Course and Workshop

– 14 Online Lessons
– Lesson length: 45-60 min
– Unlimited Access For 2 Months To Watch & Download

During the course you will gain the necessary knowledge and tools to understand and create footwear design. 

– Learn The Entire Footwear Map: matrix system you will be able to design &  create any type of shoes
– Rules of Construction
– How to create correct design for future production
– Learn 10 critical points on your last
– How to transfer your design from sketch to the last correctly
– Learn what are anatomical lines and how to work with them
– How to upgrade any design

Learn Freehand Pattern Technique

– Design shoes without any calculation
– Easy to learn tools to simplify design process
– How to create 3D elements in footwear
– Fast and precise footwear design
– Footwear sculptural integration
– How to make full collection with just one last
– Learn to design right on the last ( No drawing )