Unique Barefoot Design or Improving Barefoot Shoes: Unique Design for Comfort and Flexibility

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Shoe design is crucial in shoemaking, merging aesthetics with functionality to enhance any footwear type. I particularly enjoy this aspect of shoemaking and see it as inseparable from the technical aspects of the craft. Together, technical know-how and design skills lead to the best outcomes. In barefoot shoemaking, design is critical. While barefoot shoes can be made in styles like Oxfords, derbies, boots, or pumps, it's vital to remember that barefoot shoes lack stiff materials. To avoid the common issue of loose uppers and the worn look that many DIY barefoot shoes suffer from innovative design solutions are essential.

barefoot shoes on feet

The philosophy behind barefoot shoes emphasizes a wide toe box, yet often overlooks other critical dimensions, such as joint and instep girth, which usually follow standard measurements in traditional shoe lasts. Considering the diversity of foot shapes and sizes, it's important to design barefoot shoes that provide comfort not only in the toe area but also across the instep. Our design approach tackles these challenges head-on, ensuring a comfortable fit regardless of the shoe last used.

Shoe Last Considerations for Barefoot Shoes

Choosing the right shoe last is a critical first step in barefoot shoemaking. The ideal barefoot shoe last should have:

A wide-toe box


Zero heel drop

Shoes last with zero drop heel

Once a suitable shoe last is found, measuring its joint and instep girth and comparing these to your foot's measurements is crucial. If there are differences, custom adjustments to the shoe last are required to match your foot's unique shape, unless you know how to overcome it with the help of creative barefoot shoe design.

Design Solutions for Optimal Fit

paper-pattern on last

Our barefoot shoe course will teach you how to create functional and comfortable barefoot shoes that do not require instep customization of the shoe last. We customize only the toe part to create a wide toe box following the shape of the feet. Our design ensures a secure and gentle fit, addressing the issue of loose sides and the tendency toward a worn look.

Elastic Bands in barefoot shoe design

Using elastic bands in the design allows for a flexible upper that comfortably fits feet of any width, ensuring a perfect fit. These bands are an integral part of the shoe's design, stretching to wrap the feet securely, and serving as the primary method of securing the upper without discomfort.


Soft Inner Elements in Barefoot Shoe Design

To maintain the shoe's shape and offer a soft touch around the upper part of the heel, we include soft inner elements. These additions help maintain the integrity of the shoe last, ensuring the footwear stays form-fitting and comfortable over time.

Preserving Shoe Shape of barefoot shoes

Our complete design approach guarantees that our barefoot shoes offer unparalleled comfort and style while also honoring the unique characteristics of each wearer's feet. During this course, you will learn how to make barefoot shoes that are precisely fitted to the demands of your feet, combining style and effectiveness.

Additionally, our course distinguishes barefoot shoes from conventional ones by embracing the full philosophy behind barefoot shoemaking. We cover essential aspects, including:

-Crafting shoes that not only embody barefoot footwear principles with a wide toe box but also mirror the distinct shape of your feet by customizing the toe shape of a standard shoe last.

-Transforming a standard shoe last with a specific heel height into a zero-drop heel shoe last.

-Developing a thin and flexible shoe sole, sidestepping the need for rigid insoles, which are traditional but unnecessary in barefoot shoes.

-Creating shoes without internal stiffeners to achieve lightweight and flexible barefoot shoes.

-Applying design skills acquired in the course to produce comfortable barefoot shoes that avoid the typical loose appearance. You'll learn to incorporate soft inner elements and utilize elastic bands to perfectly accommodate your feet's volume, ensuring flexibility and supreme comfort.

-Throughout the course, you will learn these unique shoemaking techniques, enabling you to craft your own barefoot shoes using minimal tools and materials

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