April 16, 2014

How to make shoes for kids

For a long time I was planning to create a new section on the website that will be targeting a little bit different audience , the parents.  As a parent myself I am familiar with a need to create something for your kids, something that you made with your hands, and maybe someone will not agree, but I guess if you are a part of this platform you are on my side.
 Shoes for kids is a huge market but as everything else, what they sell in the stores doesn't always equal to your expectations, the quality, the look and
materials. So if this is the situation and we are learning to make shoes for us on this platform, why not to make shoes for our kids too. Those were my thoughts and that is why I planed and will open soon, kids shoes section, on the website.  I don't have the exact dates for launching this, but I can assure you it will happen soon, probably after we will finish the footwear design course.
 Now, as I was planning to make those "Kid Shoes" courses I was strictly thinking about old school training, from A to Z, using kids
shoe lasts as it should be, but then I encountered a problem.  

Recently, about a month ago, my daughter ( 3 years old) pointed out that if I am a footwear designer I should probably make her  a pair of good looking shoes. As busy as I am I could not ignore her first recognition of me and my profession, so I decided to make her shoes.
I had no idea that finding children last could be such a problem. I did eventually and we will have kid shoes courses with a last, but then obviously I started thinking about you, my dear members, parents and footwear junkies.
 The solution to this problem meant , making two types of courses with a last and without a last. My personal problem with kids shoes that are made without shoe last is that they always look floppy, loose, and I always associate them with slippers. So this past month I made a lot of testing, a lot of semi shoes and after a long trial and error I made kids shoes without a last. I combined technique,
pattern making  and design as we always do, with an absence of a last, to create good looking shoes.
I am actually had a doubt about it at first but it was a lesson for me as well , there is no limitations, using our skills and creativity we can do great things. Yesterday me and my daughter went for a walk in her new pair of designer shoes that mommy made, here are some pictures.

kids shoes

kid's shoes , front view
loafers for kids
stitch down construction in kid's shoes
kid's loafers with stitch down construction made without shoe last
shoes for children , front view

 I personally enjoyed the process , let me know what you think in the comment section.

How to make shoes for kids?

Shoes for Kids are not much different than making shoes for adults, it is practically the same thing. We will be making the same footwear types and constructions on the kid's shoe last.

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    1. I guess I will open this section of Kids shoes next month, right after we will finish the Footwear design course.

  1. I can’t wait to start this lessons too. But hey I will need to be your student for the rest of my life, just because everything here is so interested. I to have to small kids and hey I don’t like what I could buy in shops. Really is it just to expensive or shoes are hard, or everything is made from plastic… And even when I buy something the small one say to me, I won’t wear them….so frustration, frustration, frustration…
    PS I did have an idea to make a plaster cast with plaster bandages to see the size, but I didn’t do this on them;

    1. Ha ha, well that is the plan as I have a lot more to offer, 🙂 .
      When you make shoes without last that is a solution, I did, although you have to take few things into account.
      I get your frustration, my daughter have her mother taste in shoes so it’s almost impossible to peak her a good pair.
      Hopefully I will launch this section next month already.


  2. First I like to say that < as always you amazing me by your idea about shoemaking
    and next it's very good idea that you mix course between woman shoes and kids shoes
    and thank's for all of your nice explayning lessons shemaking and easy too

    you're the best



    1. Thank you Jack.
      Shoemaking is really such a massive theme to cover, so I will do my best to give out as much knowledge as I can give.

    1. Thank you. I will get into more details before the launch of those courses. But in general it will be a new section on the site, just for kids shoes, different types.


  3. I am looking forward to your course on kids shoes. I have made baby shoes, but would love to move on to bigger children. People like the shoes for the babies to be soft but the bigger shoes do need a bit more structure. Your daughter’s pare of shoes look lovely.

  4. Hi! when is the course starting? can you send me information about duration and fees? is it online?

    1. Don’t know where it’s coming. I guess when there will be a lot of students for this course.

  5. I am not sure when you made your daughters shoes. I see you are thinking about posting a class on children shoes. Have you done so? I am interested in learning about children’s shoe, primarily.

    1. Hi, yes it’s been awhile since I post that. I think if we will have enough people to join kids shoes course I will do it.

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