August 8, 2014

How to make the shoes that you want to make?

In shoemaking as in every other craft, you learn from the bottom. You start from the basic and you move on to gain more experience, more knowledge to get you to make the shoes that you want to make.   

But how can you actually use shoemaking skills to create your shoes?

From my experience basic knowledge in pattern making consists of learning classic shoe type patterns construction and then based on this knowledge you can create your own shoes.
We already exercised this type of learning.In the first shoemaking course on this platform, you learned how to make Flat ballet shoes, that is most basic footwear that you must know, it’s classic and simple.
Now to get you to the next development step of the same type of shoes we had Fashionable ballets with fabric course.  

Fashionable ballets with fabric course showed you the different possibilities that you can have with this basic footwear as for it construction and using different materials.

This is my goal, I want to open your eyes to maximum possibilities that you have in shoemaking. You first learned the basic, classic types of footwear and next step is to learn how to use your knowledge in creating the shoes that you want, different variations, different styles, materials etc.

What is Next?

So now we are almost done with classical oxford women shoes and next step is to learn how you can use this knowledge to create different styles of oxford shoes.

There are many design variations of Oxford shoes and each of you has different taste, so I choose three possible styles, and each of them has interesting but different pattern construction.

Now which type of oxford shoes you want to make?

Vote now in the comment below so the style that is “yours” we will be doing in the course.

Oxford shoes styles


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Sveta Kletina

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  1. Hi Sveta,
    I vote A, because it looks like the upper is all one piece, and I would like to know how the tongue is attached to this type of style.

    1. Eileen, Thank you for the vote, you are right it’s one cut piece . I like this one too. Great thing about all those models that they are unisex, they are good for men and women.


  2. I Guess Style A is leading. Great. Please, to all who votes through email, do it here in the comments so everybody could see.

  3. I vote B! It is visually interesting, and the extra pattern pieces provide opportunities to play with colors and textures.

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