October 16, 2014

Unique footwear design with simple pattern construction

Unique footwear design with simple pattern construction

Make unique footwear design with simple pattern construction

There are many types and designs of footwear out there, different
approaches, styles and combinations of styles. The most casual and
mass production footwear designs you can see in any shoe store, but
today I want to discuss different footwear. For me, different and
unique footwear is the one that gets outside of the standard
boundaries of our perception on how footwear should look. So, if your
passion for shoes lays with the classic, standard shoe design, this
post is not for you.

One design and shoe making rule that you need to follow

In your quest to create unique and different shoe design you fail only
by not following one rule.

To create unique footwear design you must create a simple pattern

As strange as it may sound the biggest problem that we have when
trying to achieve different, outside of the box shoe design is that we
apply the same tactics when creating the pattern for this footwear.
This is a big mistake and instead of getting you closer to achieve
your goal it will complicate and will make you fail.

Making shoes with the manufacturer

Let’s say you made one of kind footwear, but as unique your design is
the pattern is unique and complicated as well. Now, it may be ok if you
making just shoes for yourself (still I think is a problem) but it is
a totally different game when a manufacturer is involved. In my
Footwear design course I explained this problem and why you should
understand every detail of this process, but here I want to focus on
why you should keep your pattern simple:

1.      High cost – having complicated pattern will cost you much more to
manufacture, what will lower or flat your proa fit.
2.      Defective product- complicated pattern construction will increase
the percent of defective products.
3.      Not the same- not every manufacture will want to deal with your
complex pattern construction as it will requires a bigger human
recourses investment from his side.

Now when you will approach to design your shoes again keep in mind
that you must keep your pattern construction simple following these
two simple guidelines:

1.      Less part – create patterns from less parts as possible, meaning
that your pattern will be constructed from large details. It will keep
your pattern clean and clear.
2.      One way assembling- don’t complicate assembling process, keep it simple as;


Don’t make pattern construction that will require double
assembling of parts , meaning that you will have to assemble additional parts over the first assembling. Keep it simple.

As easy it may sound, to keep it simple, it not that simple! It
requires planning and knowledge but  I can assure you that you will be
super happy with the final result.

Now, if you have a design that you are working one and you can’t
figure out how to make it simple, share it with me!

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