Upload Video Of Your Footwear Project

Below you will find two sections that you must use to help me to give you the best solution to your shoe making problem. 

1. Fill in your email address. It will be useful specially if I will need to clarify any details about your project. ( don’t worry I will not spam you!)

2. Describe in words what you are struggling with. 

* The shoe model that you want to make.

* The heel height of you shoe last

* Witch pattern making method you used

* What you already did to fixed this problem

More details that you’ll give me, easier and faster you will get your problem fixed.

3. You have two options to upload your video project:

 A. Use Dropbox to upload your video project. This is free and easy to setup and use, just follow the video tutorial that I made. 

B. Use Google Drive to upload bigger files.
This is free and easy to use tool . 

When you are done uploading your video and description, just send them all to me. 


Upload Your Shoemaking Video Project