How to Find The Joint Line in Shoemaking?

How to find the join line in shoemaking

How to find the joint line in shoemaking? If you will ask me what is the most important parameter, measurement, line in pattern making and shoemaking, I will tell you without thinking too much that it is the joint line in shoemaking!Now, what is the joint line?The joint line in shoemaking is the line that […]

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  • June 6, 2019

How to Make Shoe Welt

shoe welt and awl for shoe making

How to make shoe welt [Shoemaking Class]  How to make a shoe welt in handmade shoes is the subject of this shoemaking blog post. In shoe making there are many ways of the shoe welt making because each shoe maker during his work developed his own approach on how to make a shoe welt.  All these shoe […]

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  • May 30, 2019

Use Minimum Nails in Lasting of the Shoe Toe


Why You should Use Minimum Nails in Lasting of the Shoe Toe? You must know that there are different approaches to the lasting process. Each approach depends on the materials you work within shoemaking and it depends on the shoe type as well. That’s is why in different courses of my 1 Year Shoemaking Pro I […]

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  • May 16, 2019

Steel Shanks In the Insoles Construction

 Steel Shanks In the Insoles Construction Steel shanks in the insoles construction one of the most important and integral parts. Steel shanks give needed support to your feet in the arch zone! I want to say you even more, without steel shanks you can’t make shoes with high heels! If you will not use steel shanks during insole […]

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  • May 9, 2019

How to Make Shoe Toe Puffs? ✅Shoemaking Training


How to Make the Pattern for Toe Puffs? How to make shoe toe puffs is one of the most common questions I hear from you, beginners in shoemaking.  That’s why in this post I will teach you how to make shoe toe puffs, this inner, such an important, detail of almost any footwear type! Do you want […]

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  • April 25, 2019

Anatomical Shoemaking Lines you must know [To Make Correct Pattern]

shoe last measurments for shoemaking

What Anatomical lines in Shoemaking you need to follow to make correct patternThere are few anatomical shoemaking lines you must know to make correct shoe pattern. These shoemaking and pattern making lines will influence not only on the comfort of your shoes but on the look of your shoes as well.  Shoemaking lines are lines that you […]

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  • April 24, 2019

Shoemaking Nails You Need To Use

Nails in shoemaking

Nails You Need To Use In Shoemaking In shoemaking there are different tools and materials to work with. In my 1 Year Shoemaking Program I teach how to make shoes with minimum set of shoemaking tools because you really don’t need to have all shoemaking tools to get started.   So one of the most needed […]

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  • April 18, 2019

Best leather types for-beginners in shoemaking

Beginner in shoemaking

Best leather types to work with for beginners in shoemaking In this video tutorial I mentioned the best leather  types  that I recommend for you as a beginners in shoemaking. You can try your luck and ignore my suggestions but this kind of frustration can break your desire and passion.  Choose wisely. I already gave you the […]

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  • April 11, 2019