Steel Shanks In the Insoles Construction

 Steel Shanks In the Insoles Construction

Steel shanks in the insoles construction one of the most important and integral parts.

Steel shanks give needed support to your feet in the arch zone!

I want to say you even more, without steel shanks you can’t make shoes with high heels!

If you will not use steel shanks during insole construction your high heels shoes will collapse under the pressure of your body weight.

I had been asked a lot about steel shanks in making shoes with low heels if you still need to place them in the insoles. And my answer always was YES, you need to place steel shanks in the insoles construction even if you make shoes with low heels, like flat ballet shoes, for example.

So it doesn't matter if you are a beginner in shoemaking or you are a professional shoemaker, you should use the steel shanks in making of shoes. 

There are several shoe types you don’t need to place the steel shanks in the insoles construction, like in footwear with wedge heels or with the platform, sports shoe, etc.

Now, you know why you need to use the steel shanks in your shoemaking craft. The next your question, probably, is how to apply the steel shanks in the insole construction.

So here is a shoemaking tutorial where I show you how to apply your steel shanks during insole construction.

How to finish insole construction in shoe making

To help you with your father work with the insoles construction I decided to explain to you shortly what your next steps are.

- After you will find the right place for you steel shanks and will shape them according to the shape of your bottom last, you need to attach all parts of the insoles together.

insole in the process of making

-Hit well all parts together with the shoemaking hammer. Cut extra of the second leather (second layer part of the insole and sand the edge.

-Skive the edge of the second layer of the insoles to get a smooth transaction between the first layer and second.

all p[arts of insole attached together

-Because the top side of the steel shanks will extend through the second layer of the insole you will need to skive it in order to have a flat surface as much as it possible. You need to have a flat surface to attach heels easy to the insoles.

finished insole in shoe making
insoles how it should be made
insoles with heel
perfect fitting heel

This is it. Do you have a question?

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  • May 9, 2019

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