Freehand pattern design test

Freehand pattern test

We started  working  with Freehand pattern technique in  this lesson, and I couldn’t be more happier . Well, it is technique that I developed myself and for many years now it was my safe net in everything that I create, from the idea to the final product.

I made a small demonstration, putting myself to the test. I changed basic pattern of pump shoes to ankle boot pattern right there on the last , and I set a mark that using Freehand pattern technique  I will do it under 5 minutes. I set a timer in the upper corner of  a video and I can proudly  say that I managed to do it in 03:09 minutes.
Well it could not be possible with ordinary pattern construction and we just getting started. As we will move on with freehand methods of design, you will learn more difficult ways of doing so, and although this way will make your whole process of design much faster and easier you must practice.
So my advice to you is to take today lesson with the first method that I showed, the “Spin” and tested by yourself , it is extremely important that you will do it yourself  as a “spin” and next couple of methods will prepare you to more difficult ones.
I used a thick leather in the lesson you can do the same with the thinner one, and it will look even better, and again, test your leather before you start working with it, starchiness, flexibility.

Freehand pattern technique: Advanced footwear design 008
During the last lesson I asked you a few questions, and it is more of a personal test for you to see if you understand the subject.
Here are the questions:

We learned all the groups from the footwear map in the past 4 lessons, their rules of construction and combinations.

1. Which groups of a footwear map can’t ever be combined ?

After learning the “spin technique” in this lesson and practicing it by yourself please answer me this:

2. On which parts of a shoe you can use this method?

3. At what step of your work  you should transfer the  free-pattern  from leather to the cardboard?

I will give you my answers in the next lesson, until put your brain to the test and give me your answers here in the comments below.


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  • April 26, 2014

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